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  1. X Creatures. Bad Design No dev will read this, and that’s fine, but here is a small rant. X creatures are a bad design, a 50% damage and torpor reduction from all sources leaves players with no strategy and causes taming dinos to be useless. I’m a pve player since beta, and if tamed dinos are useless (trust me they are, go take your Rex out and see how it fairs against literally anything) then what is my purpose in the game? I’m all for a harder experience, but no solution to a 50% damage reduction just isn’t fun. If it was 50% damage reduction against just tamed dinos, atleast players could get weapons and look for higher quality weapons and that would just be a different meta. Played Genesis since start, lost a 212 carno to a 55 and 20 raptor, and lost a mutton tame 220 Rex to a 140 yuty. Also lost myself and a tribe mate to that fight. Rant over.
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