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  1. One More thing wildcard has still not fix the issue with the duplicate items. CAN'T WE JUST PLAY THE GAME WITH OUT CHEATING!!!!
  2. Wish they would do more in game work on this issue. Like just make the mesh of the map a dead zone!!! I know it could be a problem with us losing tames. I'd rather lose my tames because of a dead zone in the mesh. Then my hard work go down the drain because they can just wipe my whole base with out a fight. And lol I cant stop playing ARK it's my fav.
  3. Lol I've already spent the money right!!!! And it's my right to post here as well as anyone else. So yeah I posted. So what are you one of them cheaters!!!!
  4. Meshing has finally got me. I believe I'm done with ark wildcard is not fixed the meshing problem. I've built and rebuilt 3 time with in 30 days and it's all gone with out one bullet fired. Sure wish I didn't buy another season pass. WILDCARD the cheating has made this game trash. If your done because of the cheating leave a comment below.
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