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  1. DEVs seem to not care about mass hacking? I made a post here yesterday, it was deleted and I was warned because it mentioned the name of the offending tribe. I will not name it again here. I made at least 5 separate tickets, each with video proof, blatant aimbot, mesh turrets, and guess their nationality? Tip: Same as the owners of Wildcard, Snailgames. Me and other tribemembers, naked with just flak helmet, guess where they hit the shots? I get the automatic response "Hello Survivor, I am GM Daze and I want to thank you for this information. Due to player privacy, I am unable to talk about what may or may not happen to these players." This is in a Conquest server, they have a FOB in the entrance of our cave for 48h, during the night for some hours they leave one aimbotter guarding the entrance and one other stays in the GIGA with autoclick. Devs could come anytime for five minutes, spectate and watch their amazing aiming skills. But I guess we are not as important as the profitable Chinese market. Kind regards
  2. Hey, what is your in game name and your tribe? I am also playing on Conquest 10
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