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  1. Playing single player on PS4 Pro. I learnt the new engrams from homestead update and they are not appearing as craftable in Smithys, Fabricator and Tek replicator. I have tried building new argy saddles and they did not appear either. When I created a new smithy only half the engrams appeared and I am still missing the triangle metal objects. Has anyone had a similar issue? Obviously a restart and character death does not fix it.. I have definitely learnt the engrams.
  2. Hi all, Looking for any tips & gotchyas when it comes to doing the Tek Cave. The main bulk of my army is Rexes, around 45k health, 2k stam and 1000 melee. They've all got ascendant saddles.I will also bring a few Yutys, Allos and Daeodons. I plan to run them down in groups to avoid lava casualties. Do the dinos respawn at all in the cave? My gear will be fur, tek suits, health brews, the soups, usual weapons, pheromone darts and maybe a few sacrificals to send to the lava for the gigas. Once you beat the Overseer, and you respawn, has anyone had issues with losing their characters at all? Any other tips are welcome.
  3. Any ideas? Edit: I've just bred some Thylas. a baby level 2 was born, but didn't want care for 1hr 20 mins.. something has got to be screwed here.
  4. Multiple of levels, so 12/23 and 45. Thanks
  5. Hi guys, I play local solo play on all default rates. Not on a server play but a single player save on my PS4 locally. It's happened with every dino since the PS4 update that came out just before Abberation launched. I've seen it with Itchys, Megalania, Gallimimuses.. I'm concerned I won't be able to imprint for the boss battles. My 'wants care in' is all 1hr20/1hr30+ times and the dinos have matured and fully grown up before I've come back to them, leaving 0% imprint. I don't get the option to cuddle/kibble/go for a walk, anything. Does this sound like a bug or would I need to change the settings? The settings are all default anyway so it doesn't make sense to me. Would a video help?
  6. Hello, Solo play on PS4 and I have an issue breeding dinos. The dino matures into an adult before the 'wants care in' timer elapses. I'm getting, 'wants care in 1hr 25 mins' and the dino matures before that making imprinting impossible. Why is this? Cheers
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