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  1. Christmas event

  2. The Ravager's Bleeding Bite

    I'd be cool with then just not stacking up as in every time one bites you it resets that 9sec bleed timer, if more then one get you you're screwed cause the bleed slows you down.
  3. The Ravager's Bleeding Bite

    It would if they were on Aberration, but they're not.
  4. The Ravager's Bleeding Bite

    Yea I'm all for the bleed being only for the Alpha in the pack, considering we don't get the bleed effect for tamed ones ourself. Our Alpha just like the Allosaurus should get the bleed effect to level the playing field.
  5. Giant bees

    Alright all you have to do is destroy the hive right? Regardless what you use. Should of mentioned I was trying to tame them by the swamp on the island official ps4.
  6. Giant bees

    Okay I haven't seen any post about this ye, maybe I'm just doing it wrong though even though I've tamed multiple ones before. Can you no longer tame giant bees? Destroyed tons of next with Dino's/Swords/ Crossbows but the next just deteriorates with no new in sight. Can you still even tame them? My bad if this is the wrong place to post this.
  7. Which place do you spawn at to get here?
  8. How to leave abberation

    I can't find any no cords? I'm regretting this dlc
  9. Preserving salt and preserving bins

    Still no fix for this on the ps4 either
  10. I have two baby lightning wyverns that won't eat and I can't force feed them on official pve 398 on the ps4. What's up with that? They're about to starve
  11. Question

    They never answer tickets.