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  1. Bring it back!! Just update the content! And maybe pay a streamer who has viewers to bring it back. Msg Typeforced or someone!
  2. I think what matters to the devs here is HOD didn't submit them a formal video, and tell them they have two weeks to fix, instead he just made his own YouTube video about it. If he had done things properly I'm sure he wouldn't be banned right now. He instead forced the devs hand, ordering them to take things out of the game, and do things his way. On the other had, devs could have also been more mature and just asked that he take his video down for a week or two, so that they can find a solution that THE DEVS like. I feel like they were probably working on a more elegant solution to this problem but now, they are rushed to finish it. I do however like hods solutions, and think that until something better is figured out they should be implemented on all pvp servers. Also to those saying Hod didn't do it for viewers or attention, it sure looks like he did the way he just released this video without much warning.
  3. Its posted on the corrupted dinos info page. Turrets deal 2 dmg, heavys deal 10, tek deals 15 and..... drum roll please Xplants deal 32 dmg a shot.
  4. Btw to anyone following this post, xplants do 32 dmg a shot to corrupted, tek turrets do 8, and regular turrets do like 2 dmg. Your first move when setting up a base should be to grow xplants and corrupted cant touch it. Velonasaur is also a good option but xplants are all ya NEED to keep your base safe.
  5. your still confusing dude. like has this been tested?? most dinos dont let you place c4 from far away. i could see for ya tonight but im at work atm. would be easy to check since i have a griffin , but im pretty sure you can only place c4 from the ground on one.
  6. yeah, more clear info on this needs to be out. If i find anything I'll post it here. as far as i know vanilla orp activates 15 minutes after the tribe logs out. Locks things that are in stasis, except for doors and dino gates, which is hopefully just a mistake thats been changed already. Also everyone says alliances do not work on orp. I think being in an alliance turns off the orp altogether, not confirmed in any way, just my best guess. Everyone talks about the turret exploits and things, the only thing orp will allow them to do is get things close to your turrets while they are offline. They made it so that now when you log on for 5 seconds all your structures are invincible, so they cant instantly destroy your turrets. also any explosives they have set\ready around your base/defences should just get wasted from the 5 second timer. Overall i would say orp is the only form of pvp small tribes can do against each other and have fun with it. without orp someone must actively defend the base or else one player and some tanking dinos and explosives can raid anything the game has to offer/can handle. so without it, either everything is very well hidden or someone is always online to defend. Also orp balances pvp situations much better than without, once someone has even a tiny base on the server, explosives are easy to make, without orp, you can just "resource troll" defenders into quitting. Also how long it takes to fill turrets feels better/ more balanced on orp, since a fully loaded turret will be empty in less than 20 min. 20 minutes is a good amount of time to strike back if your online, however a pitiful amount of time for them to defend your base after you log off. thats my 2 cents, if i find any concrete info on orp ill post it. update: i dont think there is any actual info on it, which means any info we put up here has to be from in game testing. if i figure out the answer to what happens when you alliance, or if you can use gates pincoded by enemy tribes and post that here or make another post about it.
  7. its a bad way not to get wiped, you just said, here take our freedom. Basically being useful to them without being part of the tribe, just makes you a slave. Beyond that, these raiders wont stop anyone else from raiding you. you gonna start giving every tribe that comes to raid you more stuff? every week? you just agreed to give them more than id bet your base is worth after a few weeks. you say its not hard to farm, what if someone destroys your chem bench and industrial forge? your promising to use your base for their good. you should just join their tribe if you can, because you dont have their respect. 1. play orp pvp 2. get in a tribe that is bigger than the guys comming to your front door. those are good ways not to get wiped.
  8. The Pulminoscorpious needs some tlc! I think its pinchers should be able to be used to "hang on" which could hold smaller things in place, and maybe make it able to latch onto bigger dinos, kind of like when a regular scorpion in real life attacks. also a more regular thing, why aren't scorpions breedable? Its my favorite creature since ark came out!! They have little use currently. Thanks for reading!
  9. also allied tribes don't work on orp right now. you can ally but i think it turns off the orp entirely. if you disable the use of pincodes entirely, it fixes the shell tribe problem. your talking about adding a whole new mechanic, which comes with a lot to work out. how terrible that mechanic would be on offence lol, you would slaughter people on too slow of a mount either way, its getting off topic. in my opinion , its not balanced for player vs base. Theres no setup that will keep them out for anywhere close to the time it takes to make the base. So either always be online, hide your stuff, or play ORP servers.
  10. lol super hard to disable the use of other tribes dino gates, and also make it so that the orp protection lasts for about 10 sec after your turrets come online? these two changes would pretty much fix the exploits. in fact i wanted to see if I could make those changes with the dev kit, but it looks like the vanilla orp isn't in the dev kit as far as i could tell. seems like i would have to make my own ORP just to get started.
  11. I get your point, it wouldn't hurt , for turrets to have some kind of stacking damage mod, I think though , fixing orp exploits would go a long way, in making pvp in the game more fun. Everytime i have online battles to defend my things. I find it to be fun, exciting , and usually a somewhat logical battle. your brain is your strongest weapon :). so maybe the game needs both, something to combat bullet eating, although the goal shouldn' t be to make raiding any more tedious/ less fun.
  12. just to get the story straight, the company is expanding. So thats for a new office they are opening.
  13. something like that or ORP itself isn't a bad solution , there are a few exploits but even with bonus damage, most bases need 12% or less of the total bullets eaten to gain entry. So i think regular orp is still less exploitable atm. plus buffed turrets could be really annoying when your just trying to fly/glide around.
  14. i feel like the bullet soaking meta is much more balenced on ORP servers so that you have a chance to eat the bullet soakers with a powerful dino, or shoot them with compound and metal arrows. yeah the math is terrible for defence. no base is going to stand up to bullet eating plus explosives when your offline. however when players are online there is a lot they can do, and the 20 minutes the turrets are going to last is enough reaction time to figure out what to do.
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