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  1. uvex10

    Double bluescreen

    I didnt save the error code. I just tried to lig back in as quick as possible. But still how can i reduce tbe risk of blue screen?
  2. uvex10

    Double bluescreen

    Yeah it seems weird 2 at once. Maybe a data buffering issue in that location.
  3. Last night a tribe mate and i were hunting in the sea. We were on rag 556 deep sea west. I was surrounded by hostile fish when i blue screened. My sarco died and i lost my ascendant tank, 76 kibble , harpoon gun n 40 tranq harpoons. My tribe mate went to recover my body he blue screen seconds after i did and lost his sarco, mastercraft tank, and items.
  4. uvex10

    Boss fight

    Last night my wife, some alliance memebrs and i went to fight boss on rag. There were offline players dinos in the obelisk. My wife's rex n her didnt get in due to this plus 2 more of my rexs. Once we got in my rec (best stats) was stuck on a burning piece of scenery. This is on rag 556. Our tribe went in with 6 out of 10 rexs. We still completed but at the cost of 4 rexes. I believe we could of reduced that if we had the full team in.
  5. uvex10

    Bosses and Tek Tier

    You can transfer all youre dinos in this and take them out at the ob. Its handy saves moving a full load of dinos
  6. Me n my wife run a small tribe looking for adults to play with. Preparing for bosses, caves , breeding, taming and trade.
  7. uvex10

    Server missing 109 pve

    Same me and my wife also our tribe memebrs cant find 109
  8. uvex10


    I haven't been playing long and i have pretty much had this issue ever since i could fly. Ive lost so many hours of game play, farmed materials, leveled dinosaurs and even trib memebrs are giving up. I've tried to report and look for help online. Ive noticed flying over large bases/ lots of small bases can cause this. I dont have the issue with running around on foot. Please fix this issue it ruining my game.