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  1. Gotcha, thanks for the clarification. In context, this doesn't seem that bad. The gaming community can be downright toxic to our sisters in arms sometimes. And it happens to the best of us.
  2. Is this a thing that actually happened? Like, she said this in a post or stream? Do you have links?
  3. So, what is or was the initial community crunch schedule? And do you suppose they're holding off on releasing a new one until they have good news?
  4. You know, you aren't wrong. I suppose I'm more just peeved with checking the news feed and constantly seeing a crowd of people spitting venom at the devs and demanding that their specific problems be addressed right just now. But it wasn't right for me to lash out at you just for responding to my comment. I guess I just assumed you were one in the same. Again sorry. It just seems like every time I come on here there are more and more people whining, rather than voicing concern.
  5. You. This comment is directed at you and people like you. It's a game. It is a fictional simulation about fighting dinosaurs, making friends with dinosaurs, and sometimes playing dress up. It has no bearing on your real life health and accomplishments, and you're allowing it to make you butt hurt. So, you're basically a child who has to wait, and now is huffing and puffing online. You're a bunch of entitled brats. Maybe gaming isn't for you if you let it get you that deep. Maybe you should go read a book, play outside. Sell your console. If you don't like my sarcasm it probably means you've be
  6. I am angry that I have to wait for my new toy! Waaaah!
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