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  1. hey bud all you have to do is search GPD in the search bar and all the maps will pop up for you. we also have a discord https://discord.gg/pVbUjmT
  2. Fantastark is Back and recuiting players Hey Everyone! Fantastark was a long running server on PS4 and after a short break, WE ARE BACK. If you are looking for a slightly boosted server with great events and an even greater community, look no further! Come join the family!!! non password protected. All Maps https://discord.gg/B7teEkU Maturation; x4 Taming; x5 Harvesting; x10 Player Weight; x30 Dino Weight; x20 Egg Hatching; x10 Max Dino Lvl 210. (270 on Bank Holidays) Offline raid Protection Allow Anyone Baby Imprint Cuddle . Allow stamina recovery while flying. Unlimited Respecs. Allow Platform Saddle Flyers allowed on Abb modded drops Event Island
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