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  1. After years of playing this game, this doesn't surprise me. At least y'all were able to download the game. I can't even do that. With server rollbacks, wipes, servers offline... and ONE crossplay server for Genesis? This is shaping up to be the largest fiasco ever. Can you imagine if they'd released this game on the original date? They weren't trying to make it "even better," they were trying to make it work. We Todd Did
  2. Texmechs

    bug Elevators

    Elevators Xbox Crossplay Official NA Extinction 964 Post event - Unable to trigger elevate/de-elevate on anything but the elevator pad. Cannot call or send using the rails. I'm on a PC
  3. "Simultaneously on all platforms.******" ******(except Crossplay PC, which will have to wait an indeterminate amount of time for certification) That's okay, we appreciate the new content and all your hard work, even though we get an 8 day late start on it.
  4. Annnnnd, I'd also like to point out that the HMFIC Chris doesn't jump into a forum post to set the record straight unless money is at stake. Note to coders everywhere: When your boss tasks you with creating a countdown banner for a huge product reveal worth $$$ - It's okay to reuse a banner skeleton but DETAIL DETAIL DETAIL! lol The marketing team will pin your hide to the wall bruh.
  5. I love playing crossark on pc and having to wait days and days for the update. Sigh. I wish they understood the anguish when one member of the family can play but the other cannot. Love this laggy piece of crap so much, but ugh it's hard to wait for these patches. Just sad.
  6. I hear you. Your experience is your own. The experience of others is relevant. Welcome to our world. I wish it weren't so, or that we were as lucky as you to not have had this happen to you before, but we are not. I don't know anyone that this has not happened to. It is a "feature" of the game; a right of passage in Arkdom. Four years worth of my /2cents
  7. Been playing since forever, on XBox and PC, and.... Not just mammals, but any creature (especially small) that is birthed or hatches can and quite often do: Fall through ceiling tiles Fall through foundations Fall through the map Ride a magic carpet into oblivion at the top of the world ** These are not limited to size, shape, color, or spiritual predilection. This is NOT a new issue, it is a continuing one. I feel that if this has literally "never happened to me!!!!!!!!" that you are lucky and I am jealous. You're probably not lying, but you are definitely wrong if you think this is a new issue. It happens. Move on. Get over it. PRO TIP: Put mommy on a sloped wall or wooden ramp with her butt pointed downhill. Baby comes out and rolls to the floor about 98% of the time. The other 2%, see 1-4 above. ***I've actually removed entire sections of bases looking for babies under the floor. Once you have excluded all other possibilities, whatever is left, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.
  8. 70%: Breeding event 20%: Unique (useful) item events 10%: Colorzzzzz So yeah, we know breeding events cause server lag, but there is an entire subset of the community that works really hard at breeding and need at least 4 of these a year. Also, since we have cryo fridges now, drop the dino cap and let us breeeeeeed. We're ready. It's not a nerf. Useful items... Most of us have (thanks to Extinction) max weapons and armor. Something unique, like a combo tool that works like a hatchet or a pick at a high level, or a shotgun that has triple shot settings or ... Colors... Uniquely colored dinos are nice as an event but should be random and all the time. I'll take this a step further and say that the spawn of these should be of a higher level and unique stats. Make finding one of these feel special.
  9. Negativity: What optimistic people call objectivity when they don't like the answer.... I'd like to see a few things. We have pods, lower the tribe cap. We have 4x walls and such, lower the object cap. We have dedicated storage, tweak the item cap... Thank you for the mesh optimization, but make the struggle real. The biggest problem this game has, bar none, is lag. Attack it. Shred it. Take risks. Use a tightening noose to "encourage" players to be more wise and efficient with their bases, resources, and tames. This is the laggiest game I've ever loved, and I do really love it, but lag is real. It takes a toll. Really appreciate all the work you're doing, so keep up the great work! Oh, and yeah, breeding events. Pods, remember? Thank you.
  10. You're worried about meshing (multiplayer problem only) with this lag? Seriously? Sigh. And I don't care about whether or not there has ever been a 3x breeding event for Easter. It's time for a 3x breeding event, sans 2x everything. We used to get nearly monthly 3x breeding. Heck, even 2x breeding would be nice. It's the other half of the game, people.... Again - Sigh... We have enough resources to last a server year.
  11. I'm having a similar issue. I'm on crossplay PC and get "Joining failed - could not retrieve address" on official crossplay extinction.
  12. I didn't do anything on Ark today because there is no update available for PC. *sigh* I'd love to type lots of wonderful stuff but this is just. freaking. ridiculous.
  13. My wife and I use an Anky/Argy to team farm and in the beginning it was very frustrating. The best way I've found to pick both up about 75% of the time is to be on either level ground or on top of a rock. Come at the Anky from the side, aiming for the tail, from a lower level. Angle up just before pickup. There may be other methods that work for you. After hundreds and hundreds of attempts, all I can figure is that picking too high or from the wrong angle and the Argy can't "see" the Anky mesh/hitbox so it grabs the player. On steep terrain or inside of buildings, grabbing the Anky at any kind of a downward angle bumps the meshes together and causes a drop. Lastly, at times when it's really laggy, wait for the lag to go away... ?
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