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  1. Couple of things. I'm not a fanboi, and I do not understand how any of my comments have been perceived as defense. It's as if you choose to read my posts only until you find something to respond to. My only comments have been "it is what it is," and all of your great points and pontifications, regardless of how well stated or how heartfelt, will not make this process take any less time. I don't give two craps if you don't like what I'm saying, just don't mischaracterize it into a straw man... As for the economics, you would be correct in all of your points if you were talking about a
  2. Ok, so for you Ark newbies out there, here's my .02 cents after several years of playing. If you play on Windows 10, you will almost always be the last group to enjoy new content. This is due to many reasons, not all of them are Wildcard's fault, it just is what it is. It will not change. Accept this and you will be happier in life and in Ark. Ark is not a perfect game. The admins are not perfect. The coding team, the network team, nor the Wildcard leadership team are perfect. Cedric is darn near perfect, but that's just because he's cool. I miss Jenn, too. However, you sho
  3. Grumpy Cat says no. If we're lucky, they'll extend the date a few days.
  4. The answer is literally in the subject line of this thread...
  5. "Simultaneously on all platforms.******" ******(except Crossplay PC, which will have to wait an indeterminate amount of time for certification) That's okay, we appreciate the new content and all your hard work, even though we get an 8 day late start on it.
  6. I love playing crossark on pc and having to wait days and days for the update. Sigh. I wish they understood the anguish when one member of the family can play but the other cannot. Love this laggy piece of crap so much, but ugh it's hard to wait for these patches. Just sad.
  7. Negativity: What optimistic people call objectivity when they don't like the answer.... I'd like to see a few things. We have pods, lower the tribe cap. We have 4x walls and such, lower the object cap. We have dedicated storage, tweak the item cap... Thank you for the mesh optimization, but make the struggle real. The biggest problem this game has, bar none, is lag. Attack it. Shred it. Take risks. Use a tightening noose to "encourage" players to be more wise and efficient with their bases, resources, and tames. This is the laggiest game I've ever loved, and I do really love i
  8. You're worried about meshing (multiplayer problem only) with this lag? Seriously? Sigh. And I don't care about whether or not there has ever been a 3x breeding event for Easter. It's time for a 3x breeding event, sans 2x everything. We used to get nearly monthly 3x breeding. Heck, even 2x breeding would be nice. It's the other half of the game, people.... Again - Sigh... We have enough resources to last a server year.
  9. I'm having a similar issue. I'm on crossplay PC and get "Joining failed - could not retrieve address" on official crossplay extinction.
  10. I didn't do anything on Ark today because there is no update available for PC. *sigh* I'd love to type lots of wonderful stuff but this is just. freaking. ridiculous.
  11. My wife and I use an Anky/Argy to team farm and in the beginning it was very frustrating. The best way I've found to pick both up about 75% of the time is to be on either level ground or on top of a rock. Come at the Anky from the side, aiming for the tail, from a lower level. Angle up just before pickup. There may be other methods that work for you. After hundreds and hundreds of attempts, all I can figure is that picking too high or from the wrong angle and the Argy can't "see" the Anky mesh/hitbox so it grabs the player. On steep terrain or inside of buildings, grabbing the Anky
  12. After the server reboot, our server went to full on lagfest, disconnect hell. A few minutes later we realized we were over server cap as well. What name would be appropriate to call the people who did that? Why would that person not expect to be insulted? But there I go, bickering.... The game is fun in spite of it all, but can someone please give 2 craps and try, just try, to fix the lag. Heck, just lie to me and tell me you're taking a good look at it and you might have a fix for it...
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