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  1. Help! A GM by the name of Blitz is ignoring my ticket and declaring they're going to destroy my main base after a player came and placed a gas collector inside my build area! They left no form of contact and only ordered it destroyed by 12/29. What do I do? Further Information: > Link to GM Demand > Originally Addressed in Ticket Request (722206) back on 12/22 after player Alevia threatened her GM would destroy my base. No response given. > Gas Vein claimed by her was at start of Aberration where my house is literally a single block away from my house that I was waiting to build around due to it emitting poison every few minutes. Neighbor Rof can confirm I would run across my house to escape being poisoned > As of now, base he intends to destroy is my main base area. I will lose hundreds of hours of work this expansion > No contact was left with the billboard demand. Our alliance has left a number of other gas collectors unlocked across the map which have gone unused, and theyre destroying my base for this one. To GM Blitz: Five or six people stuck in this little corner two pillars wide at the very most. Compared to her who brought in an off server character to claim most of the entire redwoods. We even proved ourselves along with our neighbor Rof, opening all other pumps to be unlocked so anyone can claim gas balls from them. And it hurt that you chose to destroy the base they trapped me in the corner of just so Alevia can get the one gas vein that wasn't unlocked, the same individual who pin coded it as a personal resource draw. She owns most of the entire redwoods. Even pillared all of it, just so people couldnt make sap taps in her lands without her permission. Rof even informed me he had to go plead with them just to see if they would allow him a sap tap there. Despite all of this I was told by her that the GMs will destroy my wall formation I had to build around said collector to stop her rushing into my base repeatedly for materials. A wall that supports an elevator to bring my beetles up the second floor due to significant space limitations giving no room for a cage until our alliance agreed to give up land for dino pens. I worked hard to prove myself to Rof, and agreed in the earlier weeks only to stay in this corner, for him to work with me on build room for said pen. A dino pen Im now told Wildcard is going to tear through, a home Im informed will be ripped open: just so Sun tribe can get into the one corner me and my friends were forced to base in due to their land claims. I tried to base elsewhere. Died over and over in a small hut under this base in the Blue Zone while being slaughtered by nameless repeatedly, to the point where I made a towering pillar ladder right behind this cliff to try and get back up. An act necessary due to rapid deaths making a four bed spawn area completely unrespawnable. All of it is still down there. For days we made a pillar tower with stone tools, till the game wouldnt let me place any more! We worked hard, we mined, we upgraded, we traded constantly and tamed until we even earned electricity. And now, me and my tribemates trapped in this corner are told we'll be kicked out and our base ruined, because Sun Tribe wants this gas vein that we played next to since launch and were poisoned repeatedly by. The only one not left unlocked by our whole alliance because Sun decided it was theirs to lock. I can understand there is bad blood between both of us. I spent my early days trying to even be helpful to the sun tribe, being mocked, and so on. Alevia in particular I helped with crossing a piranha infested river so her dung beetle could get to the base, and helped her kill a reaper king while being bait. No thanks were ever tendered, and her actions were seen as a betrayal. I live at this location. Asking me to completely remove my starting base because a collector was allowed to be placed on my property is not an impartial decision. I cordially ask you read the ticket I submitted after she threatened that you would do this so Alevia could make an example out of me and my tribe five days ago. I don't profess to be of even temper about this- weeks of taunting and harassment will do that on a PvE server. But what she did isn't right. And neither is ordering the complete removal of our entire base so she can get a gas vein she built on our property. Please Reconsider. Architect/Rioshi
  2. rioshi

    Gas Pump Headache

    Right. I'll just...wall it off I guess. I wanted it open so anyone could get to it. Instead, I got taken for a ride because I was one of the few players who left theirs open so anyone could pick up the gas from it. This absolutely sucks.
  3. rioshi

    Gas Pump Headache

    But that's silly, that I literally kept it open to people, and despite it being a structure, they could just walk up and place it on my land. And now I cant build near it.
  4. rioshi

    Gas Pump Headache

    Abberration content warning. So I'm somewhat upset: In Ark, everyone has to sort of share resources. Despite a vein less than a block away from my house, I kept it open, didn't wall it off like most of the server so everyone could grab congealed gas balls from it. When lo and behold, a nearby tribe decided they didn't want to share, and personally put down their own gas pump on top of it so all the gas from the vent went into their own pockets. Now I can't access my own gas vein, and lost all resources from it. Why on earth is another tribe able to build structures on my land?! Moreover, I now can't build near it permanently. I can't even remove it from my property! Can someone please fix this? Visual here.
  5. rioshi

    Aberration Servers PvP only?

    Okay, cool. Wasnt sure since four servers in a row all were pvp on official, so was... somewhat worried seeing each one load up only to be another pvp one. Never hurts to ask, right?
  6. Bit confused. Not hiding any official servers, and after the update only showing four on my login screen. Upon checking, all of them are PVP! Are there no Official PVE servers for the new dlc?
  7. rioshi

    Argy Breeder Extraordinaire!

    Hah! Im an island player, but considering heading over to aberration upon launch. If you're a good breeder and you do work in the dlc maps, might just trade with you sometime
  8. It is rather silly, but could always be worse. https://s1.postimg.org/8zvk1a2ozj/dsfdsfgdsfd.png
  9. rioshi

    The Early Bird

    Here's hoping they reconsider forum tribe locks if you've more than 200 hours in game lol
  10. rioshi

    Aberrational Introduction

    Well, as you can imagine, this is something of a random post while I compile a know facts and information guide for Aberration's beta... for the sole purpose of translating some 300 or so hours+ of ark to actual forum experience. Yes, this is being done on a second screen after gathering pages of notes watching *every* Aberration beta Twitchcon stream. Possibly because I do not want to go out and solo farm with golem for grinder exp another... 5 hours or so. Why? To simply access the tribes and information section, and fulfill whatever post count is needed to view said category on this site. As I dont wish to infringe upon any community rules, I figured I'd ask how the community views the current launch delay of the dlc, if anyone else find the 100 cp limit on snails as annoying as I do gathering constant cakes.... and of course, one last somewhat hesitant question. Is the developer note that it was unlikely with aberration variants that we could transfer dinos to and from the Aberration map correct? Will I be able to transfer *anything* to aberration- character, building parts, my redwood forest climber I prepared? If not... I might as well consider a pvp tribe at this point, sheesh. -- My current solo build on NA PVE Official 50, is by the name of Architect. As the name implies, I build everything, though have had a setback after someone lured a titan to my behemoth gates and triggered my plant x defenses. I *hate* taming, but I can build and have significant activity. I research everything significantly, and try to be an amicable guy with mic to my allies on the current Island map I prepare for Aberration on.
  11. rioshi

    Ark: Aberration

    The developer stream was admittedly worrying, to say the least. Especially with radiation and environmental hazards.