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  1. Argy Breeder Extraordinaire!

    Hah! Im an island player, but considering heading over to aberration upon launch. If you're a good breeder and you do work in the dlc maps, might just trade with you sometime
  2. It is rather silly, but could always be worse.
  3. The Early Bird

    Here's hoping they reconsider forum tribe locks if you've more than 200 hours in game lol
  4. Aberrational Introduction

    Well, as you can imagine, this is something of a random post while I compile a know facts and information guide for Aberration's beta... for the sole purpose of translating some 300 or so hours+ of ark to actual forum experience. Yes, this is being done on a second screen after gathering pages of notes watching *every* Aberration beta Twitchcon stream. Possibly because I do not want to go out and solo farm with golem for grinder exp another... 5 hours or so. Why? To simply access the tribes and information section, and fulfill whatever post count is needed to view said category on this site. As I dont wish to infringe upon any community rules, I figured I'd ask how the community views the current launch delay of the dlc, if anyone else find the 100 cp limit on snails as annoying as I do gathering constant cakes.... and of course, one last somewhat hesitant question. Is the developer note that it was unlikely with aberration variants that we could transfer dinos to and from the Aberration map correct? Will I be able to transfer *anything* to aberration- character, building parts, my redwood forest climber I prepared? If not... I might as well consider a pvp tribe at this point, sheesh. -- My current solo build on NA PVE Official 50, is by the name of Architect. As the name implies, I build everything, though have had a setback after someone lured a titan to my behemoth gates and triggered my plant x defenses. I *hate* taming, but I can build and have significant activity. I research everything significantly, and try to be an amicable guy with mic to my allies on the current Island map I prepare for Aberration on.
  5. Ark: Aberration

    The developer stream was admittedly worrying, to say the least. Especially with radiation and environmental hazards.