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  1. No i'm saying about the oficial servers that wipe every mouth @lilpanda
  2. anyone knows? last time they wiped it in a different day from the original one.
  3. arkpocalipse when it will wipe? the asian ones say in 4 days and the eu ones say in 8 days, but they are connected, isnt fair the asian start first.
  4. no: First comes the bosses, but they give nothing back in the time, and them tek and them ascention. max level of dinos befores was 120
  5. back in the first days, i was taming a lvl 60 trike, 2 hour to tame it, and it died for a pack of turtle that i think i can beat xD.
  6. i dont find a good spot to put the platform
  7. i neglected clif platform hanging turret because i did some tests and is possible to tek riffle it.
  8. i didnt through about this, but if they destroy the turret in the path, them the turrets in the wall will not be affected right?
  9. i just tested and actualy you can pass through it raised
  10. the problem is: is in the wall range, so it will count as 100/100
  11. well, if they sneak up on me them i'm dead.
  12. The Center pearl cave turret wall hello guys, i'm trying to build in the center pearl cave for oficial pvp, people said its really OP, i made a turret wall in single play: Give me tips, Its good or bad? what can i do to improve the turret wall? i want to build it in oficial pvp.
  13. mana saddle bp hello, can i find mana saddle bp outside of extintion?
  14. will arkpocalypse wipe tomorrow? why ''short season''?
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