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  1. So this is an idea I've been rolling around in my head and on paper for a while that I think would be a good idea, not one for official servers but possibly for any large clusters, one that I'm surprised no one has pitched from what I've seen and read so far. After all there is already a giant marketplace on official, people are paying for items, resources and tames(which i acknowledge is against code of conduct as far as i know) or trading off raw resources for them. This would just make it easier to conduct those transactions.

    Not only would this idea make it easier to transfer items from player to player without risk, it also helps prevent players from losing items and tames to Obelisk upload, losing them while traveling from server to server, it also helps prevent players from being scammed(Most of us have been there at one point or another.) This could also make it easier for smaller tribes and make it more a level playing field against larger tribes.

    A marketplace stall, Something not big and fancy, a simple design but one with a complex use. Something people can use to trade Gear, Blueprints, Resources, Tames and building items across all maps on official and in clusters.

    Players could post up a deal on they're end, what they want in return and anyone looking for what they're offering could trade for it. Post a counter offer if they want or accept the deal as it.

    I realize with the release of Gen 1 and 2 resources aren't a big drive in the market anymore since we can just go do missions and get resources in bulk relatively easy. While trading them off would be a option, the market stall would see more use on trading off blueprints, gear and tames.

    I wouldn't design it as a tek tier building but i would put it on the upper tiers, something that people would still have to work for.

    For trading tames. I would show their stats on Egg pop and what their current stats are, this prevents anyone from being lied to about stats.

    Resources i would trade in stacks of 100 or 1000. Pretty generic there.

    It might even be considered letting players pay hexagons for these transactions but i think that would flood the market place and make hexagons easier to get almost.

  2. Earth, the final map that the story is working towards!

    Alright so anyone who's played ark and has followed the lore and story might have pieced this together already, if you have skip down below, if you haven't allow me to explain starting with the in game history and lore.

    Around the 22nd century on earth, there was 2 super powers that controlled earth, and were at war which each other, both were on opposite sides of the earth.  The united Republic of earth(URE) and The terran federation (Feds). Now we don't know why yet these two supers power came to exist and why they were at war. What we do know is they had element and they pretty much are responsible in a direct or indirect way for the destruction of earth due to their element use, which grew to critical mass at alarming rates and it spread across the plant and ravaged it, killing everything off. Think about extinction the map but on a global scale. 

    Alright now on to explaining the floating arks that you see and play on every day! 

    So they're floating space ships that are suppose to set down on earth when a signal is given and start to repopulate and fix the plant. Mind blowing right? Here's the next mind blowing thing, according to the lore, they were launched before earth was destroyed and they're rotating earth in the game and as we've seen in some of the boss fight scenes while we were in a space ship, theres a LOT OF ARKS in space.

    Now when we killed the king titan in extinction we supposedly activated a signal which started the descent down to earth, yep, the arks are heading to earth.


    Which brings me the the orginal title in the post, earth, probably the last DLC which we won't see till next gen or the gen afterwards maybe, if we see it at all. Here's why and Here's my suggestions on how it should be down but please bare in mind this is my suggestion and opinions based off the lore of the game and some daydreams about exploring a world based off ark

    So for starters earth is a pretty big place, 510 million square KM of surface to be exact 71 percent is water and 29 percent by land. We have 7 continents and a rough count of 2,000 islands, i say rough cause no one's counted them all yet and miles of unexplored ocean.

    We could use all of this in a single game if the developers wanted to with all the ingame mechanics we have and some from atlas and for the sheer number of players we have but only if they stuck us on a single map, now granted this is probably where a few of you lose interest but hold on, bare with me and allow me to explain my suggestion and theory.

    This wouldn't be a map that could be in this generation of consoles or maybe not even the second one. Hell it might end up being strictly a PC map due to the sheer size but if they broke up the map into separate loading sections by states and continents it wouldn't be to terrible i imagine. The Developers wouldn't even have to hand make a map technically, all they have to do is find a way to use google earth to generate the map, granted the buildings are suppose to be destroyed but i have't figured that one out yet. They got years to figure that one out.

    Traveling is a key part in our ark experience, always has been, always will be, we travel for tames, resources and trading, Earth is a big place to travel and transport things over, but we could bend the laws of physics a little bit, if someone wanted to go a long distance, we could incorporate abberation into the underground part of earth and use it to cut distance down to other countries, think using the nether portals in minecraft to skip hundreds of blocks to travel, its something that would have to be worked on and well thought out with a bunch of exit and entrance points all over the world.

    Now the sea if also a major part of the world, I thought of maybe mixing in parts from Atlas, and bring in boats to this part of the world, we also have ocean platforms from genesis we can build with out in the water, so it wouldn't be a completely empty part of the world, not to mention theres 2,000 islands across the world we get to build and explore on. Boats are a much needed thing in this map(like serious, we have a wooden raft and a motor boat in ark), along with some more water tames we could possibly use.

    Flying is also a popular way we get around! We just recently, well a month or two ago, got a jet pack bird that's pretty handy for getting around, add a few more of these on a larger scale and distance may not be much of an issue.

    Now back to a statement i made earlier, 1 giant server, Cross play enabled, 1 giant map. This is something that's a nice day dream but i don't think its possible with wildcard's current servers, not realistically, which is why i said in the beginning this isn't something that could be done anytime soon. Not to mention current consoles would probably fry trying to proccess that much data at one, unless we figure out how to break the map down into chunks but kept everyone on the same map and the server host itself would probably fry in a matter minutes, i don't even think nitrado would have the power to host 52k people(That how many are active on steam ark right now) in one server. The host would need a really godly server i think.

    Currently, at the time of writing this, theres 52k active on steam, i don't know how to find how many are active on Xbox and Playstation but i did a quick search and according to google, ark has sold, as of 2019, 16 million copies. That's 16 million potential players on one server and one map. Any server would fry itself. So this isn't a day dream that could work as of right now in this current idea stage.

    Now if we broke the server up by continent, maybe. But that a solution to an idea farther down the line if the devs like this idea!

    Please feel free to spit ball some more ideas into this and if i can figure out how to edit the post I'll add them in, I'll probably edit this post later if i can and add some more of my ideas if it takes off and people like it. Hope the devs see it.


    Also please feel free to shot holes in my idea. I like debating and figuring out how to make things workd.

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