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  1. Tamed a Quetzal to replace one that got eaten by a megalosaurus because I neglected it on a beach during the Halloween event(whoops). Stopped into the scar while looking for the Quetzal and found a 185 lightning Wyvern egg so I made up my mind to raise a Wyvern given the rates. While milking dragons I managed to lag directly into the lava, losing my good Griff, an otter and some decent gear I didn't have the BPs for. Tamed a replacement Griff in no time which I then used to milk dragons without incinerating myself(yay). Managed to tame another decent Quetzal and a 145 Rex between care and ended up with a 100% imprint on my very first Wyvern. Also managed to get a pile of levels for myself and a few of my tames. Overall a fairly productive day despite the setback.