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  1. FederationPrimeminister

    Heavy Rocket Turret Idea

    I'm an avid battleship builder, and 4 Rocket Turrets on a motorboat can provide some formidable firepower. While this is already very expensive on it's own, I want something even more devastating and expensive, basically a twin gun turret. It could use the already existing RPG as ammo, perhaps with the bullet drop physics of the cannonball. You could base it off of an real life gun such as the British BL 12in MkX naval gun, used in the HMS Dreadnought or you could make it fictional. Tek\Metal Tier would probably be the best choices, as probably only Alphas and Mega-Tribes would be able to make an essentially upgraded Rocket Turret. The shells it shoots can't be shot down by Auto Turrets, Hvy. Auto Turrets and Tek Turrets. To balance it it out it could be ludicrously expensive, although dedicated Alphas and Mega-Tribes could complete the requirements for the engram within a few days, so you could make a long reload timer, have a slow turning speed, or only a 180 degree turning radius. This might give alphas another tool for server domination but it also works against them. Some server Mega-tribes and Alphas can't be bothered to rule the seas with Motorboats clad in metal when they have Mosasaurs, Plesiosaurs, Sarcos etc. Ports, harbors, beach-side and forest edge bases could be vulnerable to amphibious naval fire from other Alphas and Mega-Tribes. A port base wipe could severely cripple a tribe's capacity to operate in the sea while securing the attacker's naval superiority. But for those tribes who are bothered to have Rafts and Motorboats probably have cannons and a couple Rocket Turrets at best, this could make those ships yield before this turret's awesome firepower.
  2. FederationPrimeminister

    Help I'm stuck

    Pretty much, I should have told them they have the inspection skills of a 7 year old, THEN led Mr. Alpha Mosa over there. lol
  3. FederationPrimeminister

    Help I'm stuck

    Alright I have got myself in a pickle. So I saw a Alpha Mosasaur-Lv 90 (I'm on a boosted, I know I'm a pleb) while deep-sea diving for... stuff and I came up with the worst idea ever lead it to a mega-tribe's uncompleted base. I did that with a tanky Sarco, the occupying Tusoteuthis and Elasmosaurus left to fight WWI against the Mosa, and some how I got my Sarco stuck on some stalagmites. and I can't them out. The cave is in the upper-left corner of the map, near the gargantuan skeleton. I have to options tame a Tusoteuthis and grab it or get a Quetzalcoatlus or Wyvern egg hatch it, free the Sarco and leave it there. Note I have 12 sleeping bags.