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  1. Bring the Laptop to work (if you have one) and farm/do stuff in breaks! Works awesome
  2. Vognkort

    Hi Everyone

    do it bosses aarrreee really fun!!!!!
  3. Vognkort

    Hello everyone

  4. Vognkort


    third day and still not out of it. There is a limit of posts per 24hours:(
  5. Vognkort

    What's up guys.

    Welcome back
  6. Vognkort

    Any tips for the boss fight?

    Run around and keep rocks far away as possible, its an big arena. Manti will run to you after she has landed.
  7. Vognkort

    whats up!!!

    Getting that access to trade:D
  8. Vognkort

    My name a Jeff

  9. Vognkort

    Killing a wild giga?

    Poke it with a stick first!
  10. Vognkort

    Hiya, PS4

    Welcome! Maps are awesome!
  11. Vognkort

    gotta say i love this game

    Awesome game!
  12. Vognkort

    Advice please?

    Tame all the dodo's! If you play on theisland, hunt explorer notes - gives ton of xp for fast lvling. Find a location you want to settle on, try to find a place near metal node spawns and resources in general. tame low lvl dinos for egg farm! Get the kibble taming going. Dododex is awesome for timers and amount of food needed to tame.