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  1. CaptainGiggs

    Tribe Governance

    Hi, I'm playing on PS4. When you change your tribe governance, its says you can only do it once. I did it, then pressed to save the options, but when I enter the governance page again, I can still change the options. Anyone knows how to save to options you want to have? Thanks!
  2. CaptainGiggs

    Alpha tribes

  3. CaptainGiggs


    Hey, What server are you on? how many members?
  4. CaptainGiggs

    Alpha tribes

    Hi, Can someone explain what it means to be an alpha tribe? It's just means strongest tribe on the server, Or it's a tribe that control specific points on the map? like the obelisks or volcano? Also, saw someone writing about omega tribe, is that also a thing? Thanks!
  5. CaptainGiggs

    Whistle land command

    This is a great idea!
  6. CaptainGiggs

    Public Chat

    Hi, I think the game needs public chat on server selection screen, Where players can search for recruiting tribes and tribes can search for players to join them. I think there are many players who wish they could find a friendly tribes, And many tribes who wants more players, but it's really hard going from one server to another and asking if anyone recruiting.
  7. CaptainGiggs

    Halloween Event?

    Haha pretty much (:
  8. CaptainGiggs

    Neebs Animation...ARK in a Nutshell

    Yea, but still Neebs channel is the best ARK channel in youtube. Him and nooblats. Anyone knows other good channels?
  9. CaptainGiggs

    Created a Tribe and now lost everything

    This happens if you change your tribe. Only solution I know is to merge tribes.
  10. CaptainGiggs

    Farming Beaver Dams

    Watch this:
  11. CaptainGiggs

    Halloween Event?

    What is aberration?
  12. We had the same problem, after playing for about 3 weeks, When loading the map the 2nd player got the create new character screen and his old character were sleeping on the floor. Please respond if salmonell's suggestion work for you too. Thanks.
  13. CaptainGiggs

    Poison stucks

    I've checked that also, Our Health and Stamina didn't drained, It was just decreased from the maximum quantity.. I think it's a bug.
  14. CaptainGiggs

    Poison stucks

    Hmm I checked that, the sign we got was skull + bones, not the swamp fever sign...
  15. CaptainGiggs

    Poison stucks

    We had a weird issue with poison yesterday, me and my tribemate were both poisoned (not sure from what), It's seemed our health and stamina was decreased, maybe other things too that I didn't noticed. The problem was, that the poison stayed after we died. several times. Didn't found nothing on that online. There is a kind of poison that stays on you even after you respawn? Thanks!