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  1. My three biggest are: Server Dino Cap issues, Wild Card Customer Service and... Customer Service again... lol
  2. For me, I think the I would like most is a better answer to Server Dino Cap. Also... lag... I know... I'm a big wisher.
  3. Fwame

    I am Declaring a new ARKmass tradition

    Omg! I love this idea! Time to start raising dodos again! I will be doing this on my PVE server! Thanks for the awesome idea!!!
  4. Fwame

    Megatheriums Vs Broodmother

    WOW! I love Megatheriums! This was so amazing! Might have to do this with all my slothes! Been trying to get mutated ones <3
  5. Fwame

    Favorite Dino?

    Hah hah! Very true! I have a weird love/hate thing. They're awesome looking, but I live in the snow they always attack my mammoths for no reason, lol!
  6. Fwame

    Favorite Dino?

    Hah hah! We call them poop flingers in my tribe! I still kinda want one though.. they move really interestingly. I just wanna ride one.
  7. Fwame

    Favorite Dino?

    OH wow! That cyan mammoth is lovely! I am hoping to get a silver and pink Dire bear soon from someone on my server!
  8. Fwame

    Favorite Dino?

    Yep yep! I love them! They're so ugly yet cute! Baby Megatherums look like tiny old men! I love them! hah hah! i have a few different mutated ones.
  9. Fwame

    Custom Food

    So, I have a character with 810 crafting and I want to make some custom super food for my tribe. I would like something that gives good food and water. Don't really care too much about stam or health. Do you guys have any suggestions? I'm still really new to this whole custom crafting thing.
  10. Fwame

    Favorite Dino?

    Hey guys! New here, so just trying to get know everyone. What's everyone's favorite dino breed and why? I personally love the horses and slothes. I also have a soft spot for bronts, hah hah!
  11. Fwame

    Tribe Function

    Hi, so I've thought about this a lot, and because of all of the character loss/wipes that have taken place, I think ti would be a really good idea to set up a function that the tribe leader can replace dino ownership back to a member that has been wiped. I have only had issues with getting GMs to help me out and just can't even move half of my dinos around or to another server. I think it would save a lot of time, effort and money for WC, if they were to create a feature like this. Only the Tribe leader could do it. That's just my two cents.
  12. Fwame

    Ark: Aberration

    I have such mixed feelings about Abb. Like.... It looks awesome... but it looks like a place I might not wanna live in for long, hah hah. I LOVE the Rock glider thingys though! Can't wait to get some!
  13. Fwame

    Hello there!

    Actually, the server I'm on, we all went on a killing spree and killed off anything we all didn't need. Still keep skirting the cap, but it isn't too bad now. A lot of the newbs left too. I like to visit SE... but I don't that everything there just wants me dead. Not too bad with wyvs now though. My one tribe mate, for some crazy reason, LOVES SE, lol.
  14. Fwame

    New Giant Pterosaur Discoverd

    Oh wow! I hadn't seen this! It would be awesome if we could get one! The Quetz are great... Just so slow T_T
  15. Fwame

    Favorite Game other than Ark

    So, off topic, what is everyones favorite game other than Ark? I love Harvest Moon, RIM World and 7 Days to Die. Also, hi!