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  1. Genesis cont.. So I finally got into a position to move to the snow, I'd done pretty well from a few missions and had some nice journeyman, picks/longneck etc and some better than prim armor. I built lots of Keep building materials and transferred over to the snow biome, I put a makeshift base down ready to move everything over and begin the search for a new home. I transferred back to the bog and loaded up my spino with all of my materials from the base and put the sarco, frog, bloodstalker and moschops in cryopods. I transferred back to the Arctic and waited, it took a little
  2. Genesis story continued... So as previously planned, I have made the jump to metal (but still neglecting any armor for some reason...) and began building some keep level CKFR foundations for the move to the snow biome. The bog is far too dark and cluttered with trees for me. As previously mentioned the level 20 spino has now been replaced by a 150 X Spino. I thought that was perfect and began raining tranq arrows from my elevated inside tree base....this did not go well, the spino is big enough to just walk over the rocks and get right at me, even through the tree trunk.. Afte
  3. So after the issues with Linux servers...I finally booted up my unofficial server and had a run around Genesis. One thing I've noticed is it's a whole lot more dangerous than most other maps (dont be fooled by the 'easy' spawn). I jumped around each biome to get a feel for them and after being ambushed on the moon and freezing to death in the snow, I decided to stick to the bog. I wasn't too worried about settling down straight away until I could find myself somewhere semi-permanent. After a while I settled down in one of the giant trees. The entrance is elevated and surro
  4. After my post yesterday I logged back on to be greeted by the create a character screen......I lost everything Immediately logged off and just waiting for WC to fix the Genesis update for private servers and I'll start again on there
  5. So I jumped on official PVP for the first time ever the last couple of days whilst waiting to switch my un-official pvp server to Genesis. I went for small tribe servers as i'm going solo and after a few deaths on The Island I settled on Valguero. I made a base right on the coast on some rocks with an overhanging cliff (too high to jump down from) and surrounded by tall rocks, essentially providing cover from all angles, I thought I was pretty safe.......... I set up here for a few days, tamed an Anky and Ptera and was just starting the metal grind. The plan was to then use the Pte
  6. Raised my 18/19 Theri's ready to fight bosses, just waiting for their exp to tick whilst in their pods. Still undecided whether to include a Daedon or just rely on cakes Made up a ton of cakes and stored them in a refrigerator at the boss dino storage by the obelisk Scouted The Island for Rare Sightings and managed to find an ascendant pump shotgun which will also come in useful! Also ran some caves to stock up on artifacts. I think by Saturday's stream, i'll be ready to try Gamma Dragon again
  7. Beginning the rebuild off stream (I did record it for YouTube) this time following my Gamma Dragon failure. Bred up roughly 10 Theri's and managed to get an ascendant Theri saddle BP which should help so much! I found a Rare Sighting Yuty for the team as well. I built a boss dino storage area next to the obelisk where they can safely regain health following battles as per a recommendation on Reddit. Next steps: I'll need to hatch a few more Theri and find a high level Daedon. Once the team is set, I'll make up a bunch of cakes and try the dragon again.
  8. Thanks so much, thats some really useful information! Especially the render distance for pigs!
  9. Following the success of my first ever boss fight - Gamma Broodmother attempt, I took my 18 Theri's, Daedon and Yuty back to the obelisk to try the monkey and dragon. Noob moments to mention: - All my dinos had been sitting in the cryopod since the last boss fight not healing etc. - My Daedon was also sitting on 0 food - Sharing out the few cakes I had, resulted in them being eaten immediately... So I'm sitting at the obelisk with half dead Theri's and a starving pig.. I did a quick meat run in an attempt to heal up the Theri's via the Daedon healing but they really did
  10. That's good to know! Thanks! Some colours that came out of the breeding
  11. They're not great yet, 35 points in melee and 40 in health base.
  12. Awesome, thank you! Maybe I'll take my Theri's in first to see how they do
  13. I've been doing more preparations for solo boss fights on our private pvp Island server. I finished the remaining caves so have all the artifacts and am just breeding Rex and Theri's. As I'm getting mutations etc. the older, lower stat dinos are going to be thrown into the gamma bosses just to see how they do (I've never done any boss fights before). My general plan for the initial bosses is 18/19 Rex/Theri + 1 Yuty and maybe a pig if needed (im not sure) Depending on how they do (and what you guys may tel me), I may throw them straight into Beta bosses. I also have Megatheri
  14. It sounds like you guys are a couple of weeks ahead of me on The Island. I've just started breeding some 200+ Rex's for bosses and am yet to start my Theri line (I can't find any high levels anywhere!) and I have 5 of the caves completed so a few more left to do! I have 3 snails and 3 dung beetles and have more paste, poly and oil than I could use! I did tame a 175 Rare Sighting Daedon which I'll likely take into boss fights. I've spent way too much time breeding Argy's which is really a waste of time but I love them !!
  15. So yesterday I took out one of the breeded Megatherium and a tamed Baryonyx to solo test run a few caves before I stream them and put them into a YouTube video: Lower South Cave - Artifact of the Hunter This wasn't too difficult, I rode the Megatherium for the whole time and just sniped Arthro's from a distance, managed it with no problems. Cave at 68/56 (cant think of the name) - Artifact of the Pack Baryonyx needed for this as its quite low and there are also some water ways. The only difficult thing here is the piranhas as they are not affected by the stun attack. They
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