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  1. Recondite

    Ragnarok night fog/light bug

    Just an update for people following this thread: (According to a single one-line statement buried impossibly deep within the obnoxious Ragnarok discord channel)... ... this is a known issue related to some experimental weather effects in development on the Wildcard side. No ETA on a fix, and no known workarounds in the mean time. =(
  2. Recondite

    Error since update to 271.21

    Note: S+ UP issues notwithstanding, you can also start to see errors like this on server installations that persist through many version changes. If you haven't done so recently, and if you're still having trouble with this mod after attempting fixes in the Known Issues, deleting your server (not saves, just server files) and reinstalling it from scratch may help. ARK's sloppy patching and update system creates progressively-worsening corruption over time by leaving deprecated and improperly-patched files around (for instance, adding new data to a very old file, but then only partially trimming old data from that file - and then repeating that process dozens of times across hundreds of files). Some mod installations are particularly susceptible to errors created by this process. After enough server update cycles without a fresh rebuild, these sorts of issues will eventually begin to occur with (many) mods, and then even without any mods at all.
  3. Recondite

    Patch 272 - Floating mobs, players and mounts

    If you don't want to keep 272.1 because of the horrendous lighting bug, you can just roll back to the previous version, then delete the following deprecated file from your server to fix the issue in this thread: ...\ShooterGame\Content\Mods\Ragnarok\Ragnarok_Landscape.umap
  4. Recondite

    Supply drops cause timeout crash to main menu

    FIX 1: Enter your single-player game(s), visit an obelisk, and download/remove *everything* from the obelisk upload inventory - dinos, items, AND any characters. If you have multiple single player saves/maps, you may need to do this for each one. You can skip this step if you don't care about losing your single player savedata, or if you're sure you've never uploaded anything to an obelisk in single-player. FIX 2 (if #1 doesn't work, OR if nothing appears in your single-player obelisk upload inventory): Delete your local profile ("PlayerLocalData.arkprofile") located by default at [ ...\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\LocalProfiles ] on PC; this will also reset your in-game map and explorer note history. If you're not on PC, you'll need to find out where this file is stored and get rid of it, OR, it MAY work to delete/remake your single player characters and existing saves - whatever it takes to force that profile to be recreated from scratch. This is a known issue with all ARK maps when playing on a server. It's been around for a long time, unfortunately. Your single player profile (specifically, corruption caused by past updates that introduced unchecked incompatibilities) is causing the problem. I know, it doesn't make sense - but that's what causes this. Some old data left over from outdated profile versions is trying to interact with assets beyond its currently-intended scope, and that screws everything up. GL!
  5. Recondite

    Ragnarok night fog/light bug

    I'm having the same issue on my dedicated Ragnarok server (experienced by all connected clients), and my single-player Ragnarok game. At 00:00 in-game, distant lighting becomes completely broken; everything becomes monochrome bluescale. The issue spontaneously resolves when game time passes 04:30 - 04:35 (inconsistent, seems to vary from one day to the next), but always comes back EXACTLY at midnight. You can easily test this by altering the server time via console. As expected, rolling back to the previous server version eliminates this issue entirely. This issue only occurs on the Ragnarok map. Experienced on server with: - no mods - no changes to server configs since last update - no weird settings... other than basic rate changes, everything is mostly vanilla Client settings tested (with no effect): - Various detail settings, with other graphics toggles both enabled and disabled - All detail settings at Epic, everything on and maxed - All detail settings at Low, with every possible option off - Launch Option: No BattlEye - Launch Option: No Sky Effects Other stuff I've tried (with no effect): - Deleted and reinstalled Ragnarok server from scratch - Tested server with CleanSourceConfigs - New single player game IMAGES: (23:59, normal) https://ibb.co/n6XkMG (00:00, bugged) https://ibb.co/kcqGTw *(04:29, bugged) https://ibb.co/dDM1vb *(04:35, normal) https://ibb.co/npYEFb (Bugged, with nearby light source) https://ibb.co/d2hwTw (Bugged, sky view from ground) https://ibb.co/d0EzgG (Bugged, wide angle with water) https://ibb.co/dtDgvba *Ignore my screenshot titles on these two; I just realized I had them backwards before uploading. Notes in this post are correct.