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  1. Jackocotte

    X2 Evo

    Still No x2 on Valguero CrossArk.
  2. Jackocotte

    X2 Evo

    Hey, so any response from Admin ?
  3. Jackocotte

    X2 Evo

    CrossArk and Event x2 Hello, just a message for the dev..Where is the x2 for CrossArk event ? it's not on at the moment Thanks
  4. Water Dino A.I. and spawn Hello. Mosa and Tuso, Liopleurodon are mostly non-existent in the underground sea, IA swim always to the roof and they are not very agressive, Loot Create has an infinite spawn, you take one, another one spawn near. Well that's all. For now.
  5. Hello. Someone send that to me, it's our ice cave. Funny game. I've tickets about the mesh everywhere since few months. https://images-ext-2.discordapp.net/external/IbrKcCEyy1r49rPYkMKYF5XFCybot50ButHBphI-gEw/%3Fwidth%3D1093%26height%3D684/https/media.discordapp.net/attachments/534386159590309889/534392045259849728/20190114102259_1.jpg?width=1091&height=683 How many years for fix that wildcards ?
  6. We defeated them, guys found a way to go into the mesh....an easy way, i will post the video tomorrow in my ticket. You can close this topic. Thanks
  7. Hello.We're fighting undermesher at the moment. Any emergency way to alert someone ? i made a report, but i can't wait 8 years for an answer like usual, they are under a huge base, they can mesh it easily i guess. Seems it's a chineese tribe Thanks.
  8. Yeah but, if they cry or record, can be consider like teaming ? We're hunting these guys on the map, they attacked a base, but we don't know if we can kill them while they raid the base from another tribe.
  9. Hello, it's about Smalltribe server, if a team "harras" all team on a map. If we kill them on sight, even if they are attacking another tribe, it's consider like teaming ? We have this problem with HOD gaming team. They attack all people on our map. Well..they try.. Thanks
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