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  1. Taming event has started for this weekend which is X2 the server rate. Just a heads up for people thinking about starting fresh.
  2. Sauske. Its a new server only a month old. Still up. Im in game now
  3. Rag Ice cave loot

    Usually solo the Ice cave and get around 7 drops in 5-7 minutes naked. At the end where the queen is i noticed there was no loot. Im guessing this is a "Dungeon exploit fix" they mentioned in the patch notes? Do you need to kill the queen to spawn the drops or does she drop the loot herself now?
  4. New server. No mods. We have a discord as well for everyone on the server. We welcome all type of players. We have some just learning and some with over 4k hours experience. Friendly server. Currently 10 spots but once the server reaches full we will expand as the server expands and also looking to add clusters and we WILL be adding the new expansion the day it is released. Taming x10 breeding x5 gathering x5 exp x 3 dino egg drops x2 (less Dino's to tame for kibble) no mods Admin powers are only used to enforce the rules and ban griefers. They will not be used to replace an item or a dead Dino that was lost due to a glitch. We really never want to use Admin mode at all and rather play like we don't even have access to it. There are very few exceptions. We stay away from Admin as much as possible to make this a fun and FAIR server to play on.