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  1. Aberration

    Know if****
  2. Aberration

    Anyone know ignore Aberration will be getting new creatures added to the map?
  3. Anyone else having trouble playing ARK on ps4????????? It keeps saying there's an error and the game crashes. Can't play 20 minutes without it happening if I go to far north on the island map... extremely pissed off not sure if it's a disc or a ps4 or a game thing... anyone else experiencing this?????
  4. Tribes

    What's it like joining a tribe? Better than playing single player? Have been thinking about joining online I'm just not sure how it works and what it's like? Opinions?
  5. Multiplayer

    Is it possible to keep all my progress in my single player game, but turn it in to a multiplayer game that I can play with just my friends without the tether?
  6. PC VS PS4?

    Ah. Seems like I'm s.o.l.
  7. PC VS PS4?

    Now my Mac says Intel HD Graphics 5000, I'm assuming that's enough? lol
  8. PC VS PS4?

    Damn. What graphic card is needed?
  9. PC VS PS4?

    Uhmmm if this is the correct thing, it says Intel (R) HD Graphics 520?
  10. PC VS PS4?

    I've got an i7?
  11. PC VS PS4?

    I'm not a big fan of the keyboard, would prefer a controller if I bought it on the PC. I already have it for my PS4 but I'm kind of obsessed and am considering buying it for my computer because of mods and travel lol. Any idea if I can use my ps4 controller on my computer?
  12. PC VS PS4?

    Anyone have ARK for both PC and PS4? Which one do you prefer? If you have it for PC, do you use a controller? Which one do you recommend?
  13. Mods on PS4?

    Oh okay. So how do you get the ones that they have officially adopted like Primitive Plus?
  14. Mods on PS4?

    Does anyone know if you can add different mods to ark on PS4?
  15. Hi! I am wondering if it's possible to have a multiplayer session without being tethered to the person, able to build our own camps, and not play online with others? If so, how?