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  1. Dinomadness Xbox cluster We at DinoMadness PVP Xbox cluster are looking for active friendly players to join our servers we have Abb (PvP) Ext (PVE) and val (pvpve) we have active friendly players online daily but are looking to expand and grow our community we want active players not trolls we have Discord and Facebook if that’s what you prefer. We have a admin shop on Sunday’s with Bush Berry seeds as currency, we host community events and set up raid bases for people to attack alone or together. Stats are 30x XP, 4x taming and gathering, 8x raising and breeding, Boosted weight on dinos and players, Faster breeding cool down. Different Events on each server for Dino colours, Custom drops on Val, white ones have all your basic needs for a base build FYI, extinction OSD are admin spiked Up to help solo them
  2. I cart transfer my character from extinction server 1065 to my main server extinction 994 it just will not transfer anyone know why this is I need to get back to my main server and tribe
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