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  1. Adult Ran Fair Play Ragnarok 24/7 PVP Server

  2. Adult Ran Fair Play Ragnarok 24/7 PVP Server

    Only one of the rates changed the maturity rate is now 15x instead of 5x we felt that would make it more reasonable timeframe for people. And yes there is room. If you like the server and know of anyone else who is looking for one. Feel free to invite them.
  3. Adult Ran Fair Play Ragnarok 24/7 PVP Server

    Thanks for input we made some changes to the settings to help folks out. If you have any other advice please feel free to message us.
  4. Adult Ran Fair Play Ragnarok 24/7 PVP Server

  5. Adult Ran Fair Play Ragnarok 24/7 PVP Server

  6. Adult Ran Fair Play Ragnarok 24/7 PVP Server

  7. Adult Ran Fair Play Ragnarok 24/7 PVP Server

  8. Adult Ran Fair Play Ragnarok 24/7 PVP Server

    We are a new server and trying to grow it. We would like if you would stick around and help us out on that, but, we understand if your gaming needs are met elsewhere. Have fun playing ARK. Hopefully on our server
  9. Welcome to our server's ad. A little information about the server. This is an ADULT RAN, fair play, summer server (long days short nights). 24hr server support, meaning we will get back with you in at the most within 24 hrs. However we usually respond almost immediately, but we do have jobs and occasionally need sleep. *RATES* Taming speed is 2. Resources are increased to 3x. Egg hatch speed is 5x, and maturing speed is 15x. These are the rates that we feel are the most fair and don't take too much from the game. Don't ask us to change it for you. RULES No more than one Bronto per tribe. The reason for this is large groups of them will bog down the server and no one enjoys lag. So if you merge a tribe pick which bronto you want and kill the other. If we catch you with more than one we will send you a message asking you to get rid of the others. If you don't do that within a reasonable amount of time. We will kill all your brontos. No Offline raiding. Raid the crap out of someone when they are online, but don't do it while they are offline. If you get caught raiding offline we will ban you and auction your stuff off to the other tribes. Do not build at spawn points or to block resources. There are plenty of spots on the map you don't have to build around all of them. If we see any of this we will wipe it. Cave building is ALLOWED. However, don't build in caves that have artifacts or loot crates. We want people to have free access to those items. So if we catch you building in them, we will wipe you. No Passive Tame Killing. Be cool, don't kill someone's dinos that are just chilling there minding their own. If you can prove someone killed a passive dino of yours show an admin we will deal with it. Must have proof though, just saying it was passive won't work. INFO There is no diseases of any kind on the map. Community areas are in Vikings Bay and another one is about 65 Lat and 24 Long. NO KILLING in the community areas. They are meant to help folks out and for folks to interact. There are storage boxes by those areas feel free to take what is in them or to put stuff in them. That area is what y'all make it. No stealing at the community area, that being said you are responsible for your own stuff at those area's. If you join our server we will give you a resource dino of your choice (does not include flying dinos or water dinos), all you have to do is message one of the admins with what one you would like, we will include the saddle for you. We plan on having special events on the server. Such as you raid something the admins have built and get the loot we stash inside. These are still in the works since our focus right now is to grow the server and get more people on board. ADMINS The admins for the server are Docginger2506 and ItalicOsprey989. We are just trying to play the game like y'all are. We enjoy grinding it out and WILL NOT use our admin abilities to cheat in dinos or resources for ourselves (other than to gift dino's and saddles, or to create structures for special events). If this sounds like the server for you just add ItalicOsprey989 as a friend and join the game. We look forward to having you on our server.