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  1. Aberration demo

    So we got a delay on aberration today and lots of people (myself included are pretty angry about it) but then we got shown a bunch of streams where streamers were playing a demo version at twitchcon and people going to twitchcon will be able to play it. So why don't wildcard just make that demo version available for people who have bought the season pass/dlc while we have to wait for Aberration.
  2. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Cool thanks for replying. Was just curious since there were already A LOT of questions there.
  3. I'm with the other guy. I don't want to sound like an entitled prick but out of respect for people such as myself who bought the season pass with little to no info on aberration could we please at least be given a closer estimate for when it is coming out than a thirty one day window? I'm on holidays right now and really want to play it before they end by the end of next week so it would at least be nice to know if I'll be able to do that.
  4. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Why wasn't the digest in the community crunch that happened literally 20 minutes ago? people have been asking questions for a good week.
  5. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Can we assume that the fact that this Q and A isn't aberration themed means that it might be released soon? Like I don't want to seem entitled but the dlc is releasing in October and it's October. at least tell us roughly when in this 31 day window we can expect it. I was really disappointing that the actual release date wasn't revealed in this weeks community crunch.
  6. Mammal Breeding Overhaul Ideas

    This is a really good idea and to be honest I've also always thought it was dumb that we took care of the babies and not the parents. With wyverns I can understand but it just doesn't make sense for most other dinos, especially the mammals.