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  1. Thanks, but I'd rather try to find the notes myself, then use guides for the ones I can't find. I absolutely hate watching videos of any type (movies excluded lol), unless it's a tutorial I need, and even then, I hate videos that waste my time with lot of out of topic content. *No need to check note guides for the harder ones. Found "Explorer Note Tracker - Universal" that helps with that, seems to have an immersion friendly option too.
  2. Thank you. Sorry for the late reply, I was expecting for email notifications, I thought nobody answered I made a short plan, doing the maps in the right order, doing the dungeons, doing the bosses, doing the achievements, transcending the ark. And waiting for Ark 2 I will definitely enjoy this time a lot since I have upgraded the PC, last time I played the Ark on a 660 and then a 1060 GPU.
  3. Hey guys I have just reinstalled Ark, got all the remaining DLCs that I didn't own, and I plan to treat myself in the following months with doing the maps in a story progressive way. Any good guide for that? I forgot a lot of things. Meaning that I forgot all :D Also, any good mods that improve the story? I am going to play SP since I like to heavily customize my games, and change on the fly when I want something. Also I don't have time for MP. I understand that the order is The Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, Genesis: Part 1 and Genesis: Part 2. But I'd also like some story wise tips, if any. Thank you
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