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  1. Gaminbonz

    Console mods

    i agree there was a video about all the sponsored mods but they were all for PC we need some for console
  2. Gaminbonz

    Alpha giga

    that's not an alpha that's a boss
  3. Gaminbonz

    Onycs as Shoulder Mounts

    would be cool if they did the same thing as Archaeopteryx but be able to use weapons like a primitive jetpack
  4. Gaminbonz

    Skins for all Dinos ?

    why do we need to pre order only for bionic stego,rapter, trike, Quetz skins why cant those who got preview or beta of console before official launch of ark because i got it for xbox before patch 739.3
  5. Gaminbonz

    accurate seasons

    for seasons we could just make the map white ,orange, and yellow
  6. Gaminbonz

    accurate seasons

    (For console and PC )We need to have more detailed year changes like after so many ark days a holiday event like "Fear evolved" or "Winter Wonderland". So we can have actual seasons and the skins and events
  7. Gaminbonz


    there cool but on an official you move with them in your hand and you need a generator
  8. Gaminbonz

    Easy use Emotes

    I'm a Xbox player and i really don't like having to hold B to do an Emote and to do it again why isn't there a way to auto assign them to a certain button like for PC ( ], [ ) I don't really use LB+up an i don't think anyone does if anyone does please reply if you actually use LB+up or L1+ up to put away weapons
  9. Gaminbonz

    Would You Like Mods On Ps4

    I'd like mods on console in general
  10. Gaminbonz


    Minigun would be a great fast damaging weapon to use any bullet (except arrows, tranqs, and shotgun shells). You have turrets that are powered and that you can mount but you cant really move them unless you're on a platform even then its hard to aim this would be a great weapon for bosses and really cool when mounted