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  1. Rhino pen Anyone have any videos or pictures of Rhino pens
  2. Whats stats would be good enough to start a breeding line with
  3. On xbox i can confirm it still dose not work
  4. Rhino breeding base stats Hey i am starting to breed Rhinos when i tame a rhino what do you think would be valued as good base stats as i have breed many things but not rhinos
  5. also there are many events that take place, so the server never gets boring
  6. ascendant musket? This might be a stupid question but is there an ascendant musket and if so how much does it hit
  7. Great server And even better community, i highly recommend you check it out
  8. I was on crossark11 for quite some time , we had a nice alliance going until they started meshing and so we managed to wipe them. i stopped playing recently but the Alpha on there are really nice people and won't wipe you for no reason and would rather welcome you to the server as the server has died quite abit
  9. GT KnightRider0603 My gamer tag is KnightRider0603 Active, hard grinder and looking for a tribe
  10. GT KnightRider0603 Looking for a tribe Over 500 hours Mature Have a mic About me(feel free to ask any questions) Spent most of my hours grinding with an alpha tribe on an official cross ark so LOTS of experience whether it is building turret towers, raising creatures taming, etc.... I'm looking for a preverbally build up tribe as I don't want to be wiped extremely regular but I don't mind grinding for it as I am not a fan of getting given everything and I envy the grind for it I'm looking for a tribe where it will be long term as I hate the thought of jumping from tribe to tribe My GT is: KnightRider0603
  11. so me and about 10 people are making our sever which we can just play around on and raid each other.I have been playing rag for awhile.But never have i ever solo it i was wondering if anyone knows and good solo pvp locations and are willing to share i saw this vid.But im not sure if they are any good
  12. Getting ready for boss fight so after getting a few door and most walls to tek we needed more got everything ready but no one could get on so delayed until tomorrow then went on rag labyrinth and got asc flaq arms 100 metal then went out and found 145 trike stood up 3k health then on a meat run to keep baby gigas alive(the eating machines) found a 150 pachy which also stood up at 3k
  13. i would recommend http://lfg-od.com/ark-lfg/ oh and watch out for insiders
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