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  1. Cannot Tame Queen Bee in Aberration

    i keep getting one that go t water and drown
  2. Community Crunch 112 and Dino TLC Preview!

    hopefully not only those 3 dinos but nic
  3. best bossfight to do first

    Im preparing for bossfight on official Pve the broodmother or the ape. Want to use 18 rexes(got more) 20-25k health 500 dmg 1 yuty en a daeodon to take with me. Which should i or can i do ? Any tips are welcome.
  4. spawed at the swamp. died about 20 times and ragequited then asked a friend for tips the next day
  5. had this to my solution was wiping them off the floor by kiting dinos in there base(dont know other solutions)
  6. about 2x event

    no i mean maturation sorry
  7. about 2x event

    no i mean maturation sorry
  8. about 2x event

    If you breed before the event get a baby with like 2 days time wil it get halved when the event starts?
  9. Lake near green obelisk

    which map
  10. Fav Dino

  11. Structures +

    hopefully with the pull system
  12. easiest way to do it is building a trap 3 by 3 the doorframes high and a ramp. easy tame [emoji3]
  13. Thylacoleo and the Titanoboa

    tame low level 20 or lower 2 titanboa on 2x and then use them eggs to tame em got like 10 titanboa easy tame. Also a titanboa lvl 20 needs just 4 fert rex on 2x.