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  1. Lake near green obelisk

    which map
  2. Lake near green obelisk

    wich ma
  3. Fav Dino

  4. Structures +

    hopefully with the pull system
  5. easiest way to do it is building a trap 3 by 3 the doorframes high and a ramp. easy tame [emoji3]
  6. Thylacoleo and the Titanoboa

    tame low level 20 or lower 2 titanboa on 2x and then use them eggs to tame em got like 10 titanboa easy tame. Also a titanboa lvl 20 needs just 4 fert rex on 2x.
  7. Ascendant saddles

    thx for the anwers everyone i will to try searching for it still no luck
  8. raw prime fish meat

    thanks everyone for the good suggestions i will try them al
  9. raw prime fish meat

    How can i get raw prime fish meat i can't get it anymore from megalodons or salmons. Do i need a specific item or dino for it. Also because the leeds is hard to find for me so im looking for other options.
  10. Breaking Bee Hives - Methods

    i just easily shoot it from a distance with my crossbow then let one of the tribe mate agro the bees of the queen while i feed the flowers easy tame
  11. starting dinos to tame?

    First dinos to tame are trike then dilos. Dont tame parasaurs they are useless. Then tame a rapter after that dodos. then use the eggs of the dilos(kibble) to get ankys and doed and the dodo eggs(kibble) to get a pteradon at last build a trap to get a therizino(low level) or tame a beaver (casteriodes) after this you got the basic utility dinos. after this you go expand you kibble tree taming stegos ,scorpions ,turtles and other kibble dinos to get em all.
  12. Who's in the wrong?

    Happend to me in a similar situation we were preparing to tame a giga and guys come in trying to tranq it en they didnt wat to leave, So our solution was kiting dinos their side till the would leave and at the same time trapping the Giga and making sure the giga was ours and tamed it. we were even prepaired to kill it if it came to it. The moral of the story is that there are ways to deal with it on pve dont complain about it and say should have stayed pvp like a baby.
  13. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Will i ever get to put preserving salt in the presering bin or fridge? (dont know if this is a bug or not)
  14. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    we already can tame them