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  1. So there's no fix for this? I can't even count how many times this has happened with the solo gameplay! Had been away from the game for a long while, came back shortly before the 22gig update. The server I play on announced it was being wiped, so I have been exploring Valguero to find base ideas until then. Almost maxed out character levels, beds set up in 4 locations, tames, crops, etc. Same thing happened on my Center and Rag solo games over a year ago. Why is this still an issue? I'll be cliche and say the beloved "fix your current content before releasing new maps/dlc".
  2. Quick update, a GM replied to my ticket... with a link to another form to complete, pretty much the exact same things I entered to put in the ticket. Kind of annoying and redundant but whatever. I completed it and reported that back to the GM. Hopefully, you have sent one in as well.
  3. I thought this is how we get them to notice, how do u fill in a bug report? Lets both do it so they dont just think its one persons stuff Go to the menu (upper right of this webpage for me) click support, then support again. When that page comes up, I have a button (also top right) that says submit a request, next to where it says sign in.
  4. Have you put in a bug report? I have an open one for my pgark but I haven’t put in one yet for this.
  5. Just logged in for the day and first thing I checked on was the nodes... all 5 are gone. Again, I’m solo playing locally... this shouldn’t be happening.
  6. Made new nodes to replace the missing ones just a few hours ago... one of them has already disappeared from a stationary dino... how does that even happen???
  7. I placed transponder nodes on my 4 fliers yesterday, today they are gone. I’m on Xbox, solo playing The Island, so it’s not anyone else removing/destroying and my tames haven’t moved (they are not set to wander or follow so they are stationary until I ride them or whistle). And yes, I am aware of the frequency needing to be set.
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