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  1. Ypu guys realise some of us bought another xbox to run full time swrvers right. Cause all of our servers are becoming less and less populated because of stuff like this wc. You guys are great at what u do as far as suspense goes lol. But dont u thonk its time to actually make the game what u said it would be. Allow us to have more power on our dedis guys. Prim+ should allow for the original engrams as well as others in the allow engrams list. Flywrs should be as fast as we want them to be. We should be able to summon or even naturaly spawn the bosses and tame them in either a smaller form or weaker form. And for christ sakes guys give us a full on finished dlc or fix evry thing else first beforw you shoot for morw revenue. Again love u wc, now get it together.
  2. XDrakoDrakanx

    Prim+ lumber skin

    Does anyone know how to change thw lumber wall skins on xbox now ise to u could just hold y and it changed design but now it seems its juat random wht places. If any one could help thatd be awesome
  3. They dont allow the megapithicus or the dragon just the mother and manticor lol and none of the attacks work or they just keep attacking heck id love to have kingkong on ragnarok......just feels right. Also im on console so alot of that doesn't work
  4. Hey wild card ive raved and rejoiced over ark. But im a console guy. So on a legitimate lvl.... Could u at least make it to where u can summon evrythng even the boss' as summoned creatures at least for server owners cause we could really use the diversity. With out the mods things revert to is just watching ark instead of playin. But it all soumds great wildcard keep it up
  5. XDrakoDrakanx

    Mods on Ark PS4 (and Xbox)

    True im from the Nintendo gen so consoles hold dear and familiar have a computwr just hate playin on it if anything at least add to the aesthetics of thw game prim+ was decent but needed more. forts castles and keeps mod looks amazen. the ability to change the style and skin of your ohme would add a great deal of diversity instead of giant metal boxs filled with species x and turrets. With that said sry wild card for being so harsh. Full support cause even with the downs i still love thw game. I have a prim+ servwr on ragnarok and its fun and sucks cause thw console comminity has kinda dropped because of pvp dweebs. Thx for insight not much of a coder myself but one hck of hard ware guy. Hit me up tags the same as here. Hard to find viable opinions today
  6. XDrakoDrakanx

    Mods on Ark PS4 (and Xbox)

    Defeats the purpose of bringing it to consoles thou the aesthetic issues are really all im grumpy about if prim+ would work itd be great but again we need cedric to fix it and test it
  7. XDrakoDrakanx

    Mods on Ark PS4 (and Xbox)

    Yeah they can its the coding thats the issue bethesda and ubisoft do it alot just wildcard doesnt have the financial backing to do so thats all
  8. XDrakoDrakanx

    Xbox private server rental question

    And there u go thats sad too i hope thats what the delay was but your probably right anyone know if u can on ps4 or is it still wildcards "wildcard"
  9. XDrakoDrakanx

    Mods on Ark PS4 (and Xbox)

    Guys wild card has repeatedly avoided the answer to this question and probly for good reason... We all still play without the mods. Bethesda doesnt add mods for console games til their activity deops off and sales are down. They probly wont only because it involves giving more effort. I really love this game and all theyve done is support the pc mods with the hopes of purchasing the rights and making a profit. Sad too cause ive supportes this game and every aspect of it since they released o prefer the xbox version and would rather play on a console but programmers dont always use universal coding to work on both. Come on jat. Answer this question directly in a digest or questionair on the community crunch u owe us at least an answer buddy. Weve all supported this game for awhile now and for the community to be as big as it is at least a maybe or no would be great. Again great game and ill continue to play even without mods but the longevity of the games playability will eventually count on it.
  10. XDrakoDrakanx

    Xbox private server rental question

    What about mods will they be available on the rentable servers for xbox or are we still getting the shaft