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  1. I could not get the HLN-A to work for me on an already established character. It did work for me starting a new character but with it floating face down very close to the ground. My main character is from legacy when my server was taken down, I restarted on a dedicated server and was unable to get the HLN-A pet for that character, not sure why? maybe unable to gain on a pre-release Genesis created character?
  2. Events in games are very popular, perhaps showing more enthusiasm instead of complaints might show Wildcard adding more holiday events from other countries would be more wanted and enjoyable.
  3. used to be 250 tame cap pre-legacy/legacy, we still have that on private, the change to 500 is moot since the kibble rework now. changing it back would solve a lot. Also for reference, Wildcard did the same thing to legacy people, paid into it, beta testing everything, got locked out of mainline servers, then lost CS and slowly squeezed to death in shutdown after shutdown. So, no real surprise here, just the same incompetent decision making and impulse reactions to fit the "ideal" playing style of so many various groups/tribes into their "model" and the response? "submit a ticket". you think maybe the REASON people don't is mainly due to the non-responsive team that runs it?
  4. I have been seeing people with access to cluster servers advertising for ps4 but having an extremely hard time finding any guides or help to create my own. Can this be done with my own dedicated server on a ps4 or is it only through server proxies like Nitrado? I would like to setup a dedicated server with several different maps that can be played by myself and my other tribemates (we currently have a Ragnarok only map server and wish to expand). Any help or direction(guide) would be very appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Is there a way to fix the Tek teleporter issue with slowing or freezing your character in place? This is still happening to myself and other members of our tribe on our dedicated server. We already tried replacing the teleporter platform and moved it farther from our main base. It only happens in close proximity to the teleporter platform, getting away from the area recovers movement and framerate, also noticed a higher then average ping count during the situation happening.
  6. has there been any updates for the console release of the event at all by chance? im not overly interested in eggs, but finding some really exotic colors would be very cool.
  7. Not sure if anyone asked this question but is this huge dino change going to take into account people have mutates? some of my dinos (particularly my aqua ones) are my favorites, will that be taken into account with the new models and texturing? will my Argentavis be aqua like it is now? or my rex or dire bears? also of note don't overly care the argent has a "vulture" look, its supposed to be a bird of prey, like a hawk or eagle, not a scavenger like vulture, please rework this one to be more hawk like, thank you
  8. I like a lot of what is already being changed, but I have always considered the Argentavis to be more of a majestic Eagle or hawk looking dino, to give it a more vulture like head is just outright horrible, if you want vulture just go to SE and get a vulture! please redo the Argentavis look, to actually LOOK like an eagle, maybe use an bald eagle or Sparrowhawk look would be much better in my opinion.
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