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  1. I have been on Ark since beta so I turned from legacy player into private server, been back and forth seeing a lot go by. I must admit, the monument to all those that ascended brought my respect level for ark to Omega. There has been a lot going on this whole year, its time to heal, and never forget. Great job helping that along, to all the Wildcard staff, I thank you.
  2. right? I have my pro setup for dedicated and run several other maps off it, we have an amazing time and were very much looking forward to this new map to tide over get genesis pt2, which I hope opens dedicated at that time. it was very frustrating to not have the access that was told would be there, despite the map being free (not sure if anyone could stand paying for a improperly complete map). Its not like asking for Mt.Everest or a Ton of solid gold bars. I just want what was said to be given at the start of all this, or at the very least, someone take responsibility and issue some kind of
  3. I am always updated, and still nothing, when i asked this same question in general forum chat over 8 hours ago, not one person responded, no sarcastic comments, no " sorry you are having this issue" nothing, tells me they either have no clue what went wrong or are being very obscure about it. thankfully, this map was free, if they actually expected someone to PAY for it, definitely a lot more people would be on the prowl to flame.
  4. Really? no one has an answer to this at all? NO ONE? even a nasty sarcastic comment? or a lounge chair moderator? I mean why post something either untrue or at the very least post a reply saying " due to unforseen circumstances. the release of crystal isles dedicated server access is being temporarily held back until such a time as can be properly implemented" anything?
  5. ps4 pro dedicated server awol? so what happened with the PS4 Pro access to dedicated server? I was looking forward to setting crystal isles up to join my friends only to find out there was no access, all of the other maps had access) with genesis the exception, which was expected) was that a lie or an oversight?
  6. I ran into that "tek" bug in AB as well, took off my suit (the whole set) at the start of the radzone then replaced, worked from that point on
  7. I was not a fan of the changed look at first, I expected the look to be more "vulture" like, but overall, came out looking tons better, including the animations for walking and such, not to mention was always my top choice for fliers (quetz being my other one). The versatility alone is enough to keep comming back to in terms of stats and what you want to use them for.
  8. yeah come on, this is rediculous, you said july 21, and it ended for us on the 15th, so what gives? nothing to say now huh?
  9. closed summer event early? I am confused, was the summer event extended until the 21st of july, or was that changed back? because I just logged in and all the craftables are gone. I thought we had more time. I am on PS4.
  10. no, there shouldn't be, but the patch to fix the code problem was client side, supposedly the "rollback" has already been done, however I did not see any changes and still have not seen the return of my "possibly invisible" abberant dinos.
  11. so. patch (forPS4) 2.32 fixes the corrupted files, but after 25.597 GB of download, I still did not see my Dino return, I checked my tribe manager then counted dinos, they are not invisible, they are gone, as unread even in my tame numbers, so what was the real deal? I feel I was lead wrong to think they might be invisible.
  12. Thank you GP for at least keeping people updated, I guess monday it is, but please do not take out the summer event. A few people may be unhappy with it, But I like the events that happen, gives me an opportunity to do something different, though prime meat jerky is a bit time consuming to get. I think it would be amazing to have dropped recipies for summer foods as well.
  13. Oh, maybe but would I run into her even invisible? never had this happen before, the space she was in is really empty. I hope the patch does indeed fix that, you wouldn't happen to have an estimate on the PS4 version? I would be greatfull to know. thank you kindly.
  14. is there going to be another rollback for PS4 or is that it? my Abberant Anky did not come back. Maybe not a huge thing one Anky but she was mine and I miss her.
  15. nothing on ps4 either at 7:55 am, PST time, no patch, nothing. I want to login but what would be the point if they plan to do rollbacks? to go back to the start it is almost a 24 hour one now, so would be wasted time to login now only to lose all the progress waiting for the rollback to fix all the progress we currently had.
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