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  1. Just A Question

    That seems awesome, do it.
  2. Aberration Livestream Today

    For everyone that didn't read the news.
  3. Ark: Aberration

    I bet they will announce the release date tommorow in Community Crunch. Make sure to read it.
  4. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Can the invisible dinosaurs get shot from automated turrets?
  5. Are you buying aberation?

    Of course I already bought it, a whole new ark with aliens creature. Played every weekends since the beginning of october on officials pvp just to level up my character to level 100 for this expansion.
  6. Ark: Aberration

    "Behold...Aberration! Birthplace of the dinosaurs. Here the dinosaurs evolved. And here the "Creators" altered them. Those left behind are the primal dinosaurs. They fight. They kill. They evolve."
  7. I finally got to level 100, those double xp weekends really helped. I'm ready to go in Aberration now.
  8. Actual bed to sleep in

    That was fast, I'm glad they will add it.
  9. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Question for Aberration: Will there be rain on the new map?
  10. Ascension Bonus

    For every ascension you unlock a additional 5 levels. The shape of your implant change for every ascension, probably granting you a stronger power. I suggest you should also get a little overall bonus. Something like one free levels in every stats, 10 Health 10 Stamins 20 Oxygen etc.. It would make more sense that a ascended level 1 bob is stronger than a simple level 1. It would also give more motivation for people that don't want to farm levels to actually do the ascensions.
  11. Actual bed to sleep in

    I don't know I never tried, what I mean is it would attach your character to the bed like what happen when you sit on the chair.
  12. Actual bed to sleep in

    Very good idea, it would work like the chair but you can "sit" on it then disconnect. It would be great if you could also grab your sleeping tribemates and put them in the bed. Sleeping people on boat fall in the water if you move the raft, that would fix the problem.
  13. You know what ark is really missing?

    Thumbs up for dances.
  14. I'm ready to take new challenges. It will be exciting.