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  1. Look at that, ARK excuse to NOT DO THE A.I UPGRADES
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    ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Will we have access to more low tier firearms instead of just having the Longneck, Revolver, and DB shotgun? I think that that the following weapons could fit really well: AK-47, M1911, M2 Browning (stationary but is on a tripod so it can’t do a 360 degree swivel like the minigun), RPG-7, and maybe even the M1918A2 B.A.R. Compared to the their high teir counterparts, they’re mostly higher damage (except for RPG), but have a disadvantage/advantage in the RPG’s case. Example, AK-47 does higher damage and is more durable than assault rifle, but is slower firing. RPG has less damage and better projectile speed and arch. M2 has almost triple the damage of the minigun but very slow rate of fire and can’t swivel 360 degrees.