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  1. Mate I am far from complainig, I play this way BECAUSE it is the hardest way possible and i like it. I only ask for devs to remember about those who play otherwise. Not only in Megas. This game is not only about go big or go home and seems like people playing in large tribes forget about it. If that would be the case the only players on official pvp would be included in two megatribes fighting eternal war or even only one couse why not. Most of players that play the way i do (that i talked to) just don't want to be included in policy, abusing tribe bosses, or other players in the team that just don't care about the others. We have enough of this stuff IRL. That is why i ask devs to remember the small players and include them in the thought process not only mega tribes
  2. What most people agree on is that what made large tribes go underground are titans. So making something with them, like anti titan artillery will make playing possible. But please remember that while now playing from caves is must have for everyone but the Extinction Mega tribes which run their titan 24/7, then for a smaller tribes being in a cave was just an strategic option to be able to stand against larger tribes. I hear that many people scream about one man being able to defend a cave against larger tribe.. What is wrong with that? Without that option small tribe cannot defend against bigger at all. They still wont be able to destroy bigger tribe but at least wont get wiped. I have 4k hours under my belt. I played in a no tame, in a mega tribe, but mostly I play solo on normal official pvp. And when i speak solo i don't mean trolling, and griefieng everyone around. But playing the GAME with taming breeding and doing bosses. I usually do not attack nor grief anyone and try to help fellow solos and smaller tribes. The only way it is possible for me is when i get my cave. And it is not only about choke points. I usually build in ragnarok dark cave where i can setup 100 turret tower to defend from the one dirction the attack is possible. And still I am affraid of mega tribes as I cant get enough ammo to get rid of soakers when I'm not online . C'est la Ark Truth to be told is that cave meta is a mega tribe hated as they cant wipe everyone easily and have to hide on smaller area which they werent used to before extinction. And the mega tribes tend to be the loudest players online.... In a summary, Yes do some kind of anti titan artillery which will make megas go back to their favorite spots but PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK CAVES as they are the only things that make playing game possible for other then mega tribes and trolls.... Best regards PGSaper aka Vulcan
  3. Ok few turret related questions. 1 Do alied turrets count? 2 Do x plants counts as turrets? 3 Do mountable turrets caunt?
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