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  1. Mate I am far from complainig, I play this way BECAUSE it is the hardest way possible and i like it. I only ask for devs to remember about those who play otherwise. Not only in Megas. This game is not only about go big or go home and seems like people playing in large tribes forget about it. If that would be the case the only players on official pvp would be included in two megatribes fighting eternal war or even only one couse why not. Most of players that play the way i do (that i talked to) just don't want to be included in policy, abusing tribe bosses, or other players in the team that just don't care about the others. We have enough of this stuff IRL. That is why i ask devs to remember the small players and include them in the thought process not only mega tribes
  2. What most people agree on is that what made large tribes go underground are titans. So making something with them, like anti titan artillery will make playing possible. But please remember that while now playing from caves is must have for everyone but the Extinction Mega tribes which run their titan 24/7, then for a smaller tribes being in a cave was just an strategic option to be able to stand against larger tribes. I hear that many people scream about one man being able to defend a cave against larger tribe.. What is wrong with that? Without that option small tribe cannot defend against bigger at all. They still wont be able to destroy bigger tribe but at least wont get wiped. I have 4k hours under my belt. I played in a no tame, in a mega tribe, but mostly I play solo on normal official pvp. And when i speak solo i don't mean trolling, and griefieng everyone around. But playing the GAME with taming breeding and doing bosses. I usually do not attack nor grief anyone and try to help fellow solos and smaller tribes. The only way it is possible for me is when i get my cave. And it is not only about choke points. I usually build in ragnarok dark cave where i can setup 100 turret tower to defend from the one dirction the attack is possible. And still I am affraid of mega tribes as I cant get enough ammo to get rid of soakers when I'm not online . C'est la Ark Truth to be told is that cave meta is a mega tribe hated as they cant wipe everyone easily and have to hide on smaller area which they werent used to before extinction. And the mega tribes tend to be the loudest players online.... In a summary, Yes do some kind of anti titan artillery which will make megas go back to their favorite spots but PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK CAVES as they are the only things that make playing game possible for other then mega tribes and trolls.... Best regards PGSaper aka Vulcan
  3. Dear diary So i built my base, set up turetts and got my first tames. Obviously they were pretty low levels only to get to work fast. Now is the time to go for something better and that calls for kibble. AS taming is easy and fast i decided to start from the preserving bins and farm. For farm i used large crop plots, and stacked them in 6 high towers. I have 10 of them. 6 for every veggie and fruit and same for every berry type. You actually dont need farming berrys, you can do good on gathering only. I like to set up all so I dont have to leave my save spot unless i have to. Hydrtaion. Unless you built on top or very near some water source think about using open hatch ceilings for watering or reservoirs when you're hidden somewhere deeper. Hiding is one of your main defences so DO NOT RUN pipes all over the map to guide anyone to your base. Another thing is fertilizer. With 60 crop plots I went for 5 dung beetles. Remember to close beetles into the cages and with stimberries in 6 crop plots and phiomia it is pretty much self sustainable. For kibble we need jerky for which i decided to go for 5 preserving bins, and for one player needs it is pretty much overkill. Aaand last and worst to obtain things are eggs. Usually as a solo player we do not have much space and wasting it for kibble animals is pretty bad idea. When you decide you need some kibble always go for a pair. Having two females over one pair works only with dodo or kairuku. with all the rest mating bonus gives much more then second female. Besides that you can always mate a pair to grab a fert egg that you can use for kibble or taming a boa. Grab only those animals that you need for perfect tames. If you like to gather eggs for imprint grab ten or so and after that kill animall or cryo it to save the space. We're Genesis and we are farmers
  4. Dear diary When you decide to expand you will need to think of your first tool dinos. There are some obvious choises like doedicarus for stone, and ankylosaurus for metal and flint. What after that. As a solo player for me most important is for my Argy to be able to grab my animals. So i choose beaver for wood (be prepared in advance as this tame takes a ton of narcos) and i use him for berrys as well. For thatch i go for megaloceros, but for most of the time anky and what's left from beaver wood gathering will be enough for what you need For fiber easiest choise is Moschops, but with this guy it can take few trys to get him as he can demand something that you wont have atm. For meat, hide and other animal resources i go for Thyla. He is not only capable fighter, small enough for argy, but he can get almost anywhere, and is pretty good swimmer too. There is one animal that for me is one of the best allround gatherers but unfortunatelly is to big for an argy. Direbear. It can harvest not only berrys and fiber, but meat and hide as well in really good numbers. Besides that he's really easy to tame as there is natural kibble for him - honey. If your base have a land way to it always cosider getting him instead of moschops for fiber. For meat, hide nad other animal resources if i cant have bear atm i go for Thyla. He is not only cpable fighter, small enough for argy, but he can get almost anywhere, and is pretty good swimmer too. There are off course some additions on some special maps, like scorched earth, aberration or extinction. But there you just have to adapt. There is one thing that is not really easy to obtain but you can PVP steal it, or barter for it on early stage, nad that thing changes everything that goes around choosing your tames. Cryopods. It no only allows you to move any animal with any other but saves you tones of space, and smaller base is easier to hide and protect. If you have an option to get them be sure to include using it in you build and gathering plans. We're Genesis We treat animals well Edit
  5. Dear diary After a week or so i had enough resource to move on, but first... There are few rules that you should alwyas think about when setting up a base 1 Basic resources - you will need tones of metal, wood and stone for ammo and basic structures. Be sure that there is a lot close by. 2 Defence placement. Be sure to place turetts so when attacked at any angle enemy will be hit by as much of them as possible. All turetts tha don't shoot are waste of time and resources 3 As few turetts as possible. Placing turetts and makind tones of turret towers isn't an issue, the issue is making ammo for all of this. Use enough turrets so no one will be able to do you a c4 run and no more. I usually close within a 100 4 Talk to other players, especially Alphas. on the server. You can easylly defend against griefers but You can't stand a chance against alpha riders or big tribe with soaking dinos. You just can't produce ammo fast enough 5 Try your built on single player. While doing pvp, resources and time you spend on gathering them are crucial. So be sure you are well prepared to build what you want to. 6 Remember about trolls. Most of people that'll attack you are either griefers looking for BP's and reosurces and players that see you as a threat. with those most of the time you can either defend or negotiate, but... There are always trolls that want to just make damge and easiest way to do it is sniping dinos from outside of turret range. Hide your dinos and be sure your build and spot you chose for gives you this option. So after checking out all points on that list i was able to expand. We're Genesis and we obey to the rules, sometimes...
  6. Dear Diary Day one was a nightmare, and repeated itsesl time after time. Tame ptera. Scout server. Repeat. For start i have few rules. Thirst base is to hide, second to grow, third to live. So for the first base i chosen waterfall, and i dont mean those huge waterfall ragnarok caves. I talk about small bends that leave small air bubble in which you can set up small 1/2 or 2/2 spot. If Yuo dont know what i'm talking about go and see Uncle apex video on hidden solo bases. I found server with tones of fresh Alpha tribe ruins. Seemed like a good place too start. Found waterfall bubble that wasn't used and crafted my 2/2 stone base. Hallf of which was under water, but hell you don't need to breath all the time don't you :)? First tame is always ptera, fo scout, then Argy. This is solo players best friend, His versatility is something to die for, nad now that he can grab doedis and ankys, man oh man Easiest way to get Argy ic a 3 dino gate trap. After some time you will get the exact space you need to have between gates to be able to fly ptera between and leave argy in. When I got argy, low lvl at first just as a work horse, the grind starts. On every map you can get resources in high enough numbers for a solo player without a need to go in the ocean or deep cacing. The low needs for resources are actually the best things about being solo. and at the begining if you're hidden enough you can gather without using dinos. Good old no-tame style. Remember not to put external defences in your hidden base. When waterfall starts shooting people around it draws attention. First week was a grind. I gathered enough resource to go full on industrial and had some metal structures prebuild. so on to the second step. We're Genesis and we grind our ass off...
  7. Dear diary I decided to write down this diary, for other solo/duo players out there that might need encouragement on their daily Ark struggle. I am, by no means, THE BEST or THE MOST EXPERIANCED ark player out there but i spent my dose of hours on this electroinc crack to know my ways around. I used to play in "Alpha tribe" in official PVP as well on no tame for few k hours. The thing i prefer most, and mostly becouse of (IMO) being hardest, is solo on PVP officials. Especially that i DO SUCK at PVP. Like REALLY SUCK My bases been raided, and wiped time after time after time, but after each wipe I learned smth new. Every next time it took more experienced and better equipped riders to beat threw my defences and every time they lost more and more resources to do so. After this i jumped to other server, and start all over again. Lately struggle become even more difficul after loosing may prime character due to rollback, but that's whole other story. Now i have beat my own record. My base is standing for 26 days, and tho i'm not solo (we're two now) it is still my personal record. We beat over few waves of riders , some thx to defences some thx to negotiations, and when i look daily at my ammo i assume we have quite frequent visitors around offline. In this diary i will tell you what is going on with my tribe as well as give some small tips and tricks for solo players. I will try my best not to tell on which ma i play nor the server number (becouse trolls) and sometimes i'll might even drop of some misleading tracks If you know me, my tribe or the place we're playing come by and say hi but please do not tell anyone of our base place so that diary could go on. That's it for today We're Genesis and we'll prove that you can bit Ark hardest possible way
  8. Ok few turret related questions. 1 Do alied turrets count? 2 Do x plants counts as turrets? 3 Do mountable turrets caunt?
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