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  1. Not Able To Play Non Dedicated Me and my boyfriend recently downloaded Genesis the day it came out, and I was able to host a non-dedicated session, but whenever I invited my boyfriend to play with me on my server, he would get a message saying “Genesis not installed” when he does have it installed and is able to play singleplayer on his own, but not with me. He is NOT able to host his own non dedicated session either, he says the option isn’t even on the screen for him. We both have already gone to the Ps4 store already and installed the map separately, and he also tried to restore his licenses on his playstation as well and restarting it. Nothing worked. And fix to this? Or is there a plan for the team to fix this? My and my boyfriend bought the season passes months ago and have waited so long to play together, only to find out we can’t. Please help.
  2. Ps4 Settings Reset After Every Restart Ever since downloading Genesis, my boyfriend and I both noticed that everytime we launch Ark, our Host/Local Settings and Advanced settings are all set back to default. We never used to have this problem before. Also, the in-game options menu resets every time we restart Ark as well. We both play on Ps4 And fix to this or plans on fixing this in an update?
  3. All Flyers Increase Movement speed I currently play ark on PS4 and I have a request that I’m sure a lot of people miss in the console version of gameplay. Which used to be a feature for all flying dinos, I would love to see that all flyers are able to level up their movement speed, for example, the argy. They are pretty slow. And you were previously able to increase their speed but they removed that feature from certain flyers. PLEASE PUT THIS BACK IN THE GAME!! I know on PC there is a mod that allows you to increase the speed on all flyers but for us console players we don’t have that option. I know its a long shot suggestion this and it most likely won’t be looked at by anyone on the team but it’s worth a shot!
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