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  1. Any word on if official servers will be wiped ?
  2. WindsweptDragon

    Server Wipe

    Some of the posts in this thread are quite funny, big thanks to the Op for starting it and at least giving us somewhere to discuss it
  3. WindsweptDragon

    Server Wipe

    Apologists are everywhere and you cant win, if the devs say they will support the game once its released and you look for some kind of confirmation or guarantee of that they will complain your harassing them for info they have already released and confirmed, yet if you accept them at their word and they do a total 180 then thats just supposed to be accepted because you didnt get it triple confirmed with a cherry on top and anyway they had their fingers crossed behind their back the whole time.
  4. WindsweptDragon

    Server Wipe

    I was talking in general, but if you want to grab that "self elected mouthpiece" cap and wear it, thats your choice.
  5. WindsweptDragon

    Server Wipe

    Is that because your counting every response you post as a pro wipe post ? I dont see a problem in people posting how it effects them, its a personal opinion, better a honest personal opinion than a self elected mouthpiece responding for a supposed group of people.
  6. WindsweptDragon

    Server Wipe

    I put in a lot of hours in the first year but decided to quit when I heard rumours that the servers would be wiped prior to launch. The only thing that tempted me back putting more time into the game prior to launch was the supposed news that a server wipe wouldnt be happening. Now that Ive put another load of time into the game the server wipe rumours are back and I feel totally let down by the news and can really find the motivation to keep going if its all for naught. Maybe ill play again when the game launches but starting again from scratch doesnt really interest me.Sure a server wipe may help clear out some of the mess prior to launch but a few months down the line from that the servers will be in the exact same state they are in now.
  7. WindsweptDragon

    Free Skins?

    Is there a list of available skins, which achievements they are associated with and how to get them ? I thought when the update went live maps were going to be reset in order for people that already had that cheevo to get it again because my map stayed the way it was, ive also been told that one of the skins required reaching the top of the volcano (on the rim) I remember getting this achievement a while back prior to the update, have been on the rim since the update but no skin has popped and wondered if this is down to bad info Ive had or a bug or If I have to start a single player game and do it on that ? This is on Xbox BTW
  8. WindsweptDragon

    Teleport from cave removed ?

    Ahh, ok. Thanks. I had always thought of that as an intentional escape route, mainly due to online videos and that there were other teleports in other caves. Ill have to start taking notes on places I get stuck for those threads too, seem to get stuck on a daily basis on the north shore but had accepted that as sometimes when you fall in crevasse unless you have the right equipment (grappling hooks etc) your going to be stuck
  9. WindsweptDragon

    Teleport from cave removed ?

    Just noticed that the teleport from the bottom of the pool under the drop in the cave by the volcano doesnt work anymore, is this a bug or has the ability been removed ?
  10. WindsweptDragon

    ARK Two Year Anniversary & Community Crunch 94!

    Dont know where you get two years from, Im currently on day 14893 which puts me around the 40yr mark. How about a walking cane and a flatcap skin ?
  11. WindsweptDragon

    Community Crunch 89 & Eggcellent Adventure!

    When does the event end for console users and when do we have to redeem our eggs by ?
  12. WindsweptDragon


    A type of insect that harvests something from the red and green flower pods which you need to water, you then collect the stuff from the insect with your knife and store it in barrels.
  13. WindsweptDragon


    Just trying to think up roles Id still like to be filled that have at least some connection with the animal. Vulture - meat
  14. WindsweptDragon


    A prime meat stacker ?