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  1. Join in on the fun and grab your teksuits and become the TurboMan of everything on this custom dedicated Server made for Turbo taming and Turbo Resource Gathering. Tame Dinos with boosted taming rates or tame dinos instantly with Turbo Meat from a rare Beacon Drop and fight and farm bosses for element to create your very own Tek Empire. 25x Taming, 15x Leveling, 15x Harvesting, 5x Turret Damage for easier base protection, Boosted Health and speed for tamed dinos, Boosted dino imprinting Boosted Beacon Drops including Tek, 200x Egg hatching 20x baby growth Artifact Beacons have all artifacts for instant boss access for easy element farming. Some Aberration Items in beacons and Creatable on both maps. And Much More... The maps are Ragnarok and The Center Clustered together on the PS4 with the center being the newest rented server. Both have 36 slot. Search on PS4 in the PC hosted server tab. "25x TURBO TIME x25"
  2. Can't level past 105

    So basically there is no fix at all? even after multiple updates? what are the Devs doing with each random update? theres still a bunch of bugs still present since launch..
  3. Can't level past 105

    anyone else experiences this?
  4. Can't level past 105

    I have a nitrado server with custom levels up to 120. it was working just fine before but ever since the aberration update, nobody can't level past 105 and the exp isn't gaining at all even though it shows the require xp for the next level. is there a change in the setting or something or is it bugged and broken? if anyone has a solutions i would appreciate it.
  5. Inventory jumping

    yeah I fly across the ragnarok map on a titan using that glitch.
  6. level issues

    same with me. playing on a custom server with max level of 120 but i only maxed out to level 105. a 15 level difference.
  7. Tek Helmet Vision Glitched

    either nobody cares or we're the only ones experiences this glitch
  8. Tek Helmet Vision Glitched

    So nobody else having the same issue? come on now..
  9. Tek Helmet Vision Glitched

    bump again
  10. Tek Helmet Vision Glitched

  11. Tek Helmet Vision Glitched

    you misunderstood my issue. if you look at the pic, you can see how messed up the colored outline is when the tek helm is trying to color outline the dinos in green. its not suppose to look like that.
  12. Ever Since Tek came out. I've always experience this visual glitch when it comes to using the tek helmet in the game. I kinda just ignored it up until now but now its just plain annoying. does anyone else experience this? and how do you Fix it? this is on ps4 and my tv is TCL if that matters.
  13. Have a rented boosted server up and running.25x taming, 15x level up. 5x resource havest.200x egghatch speed.30x babydino growth speed.5x turret damage to dinos.Max player level 120 (level 101-120 makes it so it won't feel as empty when you hit level 100)Max Wild Dino level 300More health on level up for tamed dinos. Can Find element, TekTier Armor and building parts in rare red drop beacons. Any Drop beacon gives good resources and gear. Easy black pearl farming.With these settings, it will be a bit harder raiding beginning newbies if they have a few plant x or turrets up and lucky enough to find tek build parts.Server name is "xX Annunaki World Xx" without quotation marks. The server can only hold 36 players right now but if it start to get fuller and more popular, I will expand the slots. There is rarely any admin activity So no admins or admin abuse going on and I'm the only admin. my psn is Zenneth05. I occasionally will throw special events here and there and give out prizes and spawn in bosses so people can kill em and unlock Tek engrams so they can use their found tek armor. I will also slowly improve the server with small tweeks here and there. I also will take some suggestions if they seem cool enough.