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  1. So I've played Single player, Online (PVE & PVP) and run my own set of servers. Here is the thing - I have bred Rexes & Wyverns (when they got to be be breedable) and had some (limited) success. However - I have hatched a LOT of dimorphs since this silly game was still in beta ...... And not one (anywhere stat) mutation .... For caves and so on DiMorphs are a really good answer, but I have a dream to whack a bunch of bosses with them - but never a nary mutation. And w out mutation they just get whacked too quickly ..... Has any of you lot gotten a Dimorph mutati
  2. I'm nudging 60 and could not give a damn about a silly advertising show - I am just here for the GAME, and unfortunate that seems to have left me a bit behind (Regrets buying Genesis .... )
  3. Looks like your installation is corrupted - try and steam / verify files
  4. Ram aint the issue - you got lots! Have you tried playing an older map for a bit to see if its to do w the new release? Rendering is graphics stuff - so it may be an error w new textures or somesuch that released w Gen 2? 1070 is a fairly old card (just like my radeon R9 ) and maybe there is some stuff that relies on newer card capabilities. In the OLD days (like 4 years ago) adding these launch options to ark in steam / properties fixed a lot of crashes - maybe worth a try? -nomansky -sm4 -d3d10
  5. This post talks about cluster setup. My immediate guess is perhaps your -ClusterDirOverride is NOT the SAME directory on both machines. I had to create a LAN share mapping so that both servers can use the same directory for the cluster transfer data: So for e.g. one machine can point to -ClusterDirOverride=c:\arkCkuster, and this is shared on the LAN as L:. The other machine will then have -ClusterDirOverride=L:\ The post also mentions needing -NoTransferFromFiltering but I don't remember fiddling with that - perhaps I put it into .ini file instead of passing it as a command line pa
  6. It is important to note that you need to press the "Shift" or sprint button AND THEN LET IT GO before your speed reverts to normal. After that then Shift works as normal to sprint while flying ... To just press and HOLD the shift will not work as described or expected.
  7. Wizard03 nailed it: There are three distinct issues, one being stats, and the other being bonus cause you raised the baby and the last being mutations. In terms of Stats it is perfectly feasible to mate two wild dinos until you come out with a child that comes out with the best of ma and pa. And that might be good enough to take most things. In terms of Imprinting - yes it has NO effect on the children of imprinted dinos. Only applicable to the imprinted dino. So when you get a baby that you think you are going to go into war with then imprint it - otherwise don't bother. For mu
  8. So I started out playing this game in 2015 sometime. On a dodgy downloaded "hack" version (try before you buy) . Some while later (around when Rag got an official release) I bought the game. During then to now I have bought Scorched Earth expansion, but none of the other official expansions. Point I am making is that I have probably played this game for more hours than any other (or even all other added together) .... With the possible and uncountable exception (to show my age) of Wizardry on an Apple II e in the early 1980's With all the troubles and poor support and all the al
  9. I agree. My opinion the caves are more difficult than the boss fights. I died umpteeen million times in the top left cave on scorched earth (damn golums) ... And when I finally summoned Alpha Manticore - it was easy in comparison!
  10. Maybe this ? (Games settings). You said console - so dunno where or how you would set that on console. GameUserSettings.ini on PC. I guess there is a slider or someshuch on the options / advanced options somewhere ..... PlayerDamageMultiplier float 1.0 Specifies the scaling factor for the damage players deal with their attacks. The default value 1 provides normal damage. Higher values increase damage. Lower values decrease it.
  11. This trap works like a bomb. And you can fly a wyvern through it while your wild one is chasing behind you. And a crystal wyvern can easily out fly normal ones. Google it ........
  12. One thing not mentioned above that I found (by falling a lot) - Once you on the thing and its in the air, Don't try and move! Even if it looks like you are not "well" positioned on the things back you will generally stick there. But move and you are gone. As above a glider suit works as well as parachutes.
  13. I'm with SMP - blueprints for shotty, rex saddle & etc are worth it. A pick? just hit longer, or get an Ankylo or whatever .... The time you spent getting an ascendant + 2000 pick you would have already harvested ALL the stuff you need w a primitive pick or resource adapted dino.
  14. The guy is on a Trike - he is REALLY not going to run away from anything except a turtle!
  15. I assume "The Island" . You on the foothills of a bad ass mountain. Giga's spawn a bit further up in the hills! Also rex's which do wander down to where you are. And as above Allo's particularly spawn there. Dunno what trike you got, but there are also a bunch of saber cats and carno's in that area - which generally will have a trike for breakfast. You be in mortal danger!
  16. Yes ... Get a Petra 1st and look at an Argie trap (some dino gates + a couple of pillars). Will save you from a lot of death trying to headshot a wild Argie.
  17. You may be wrong there - Thats kinda how I run my servers ..........
  18. It depends on the "rules" of Tribe AAA. Default settings as per JohnnyWaffles : But the rules can be changed in tribe settings - for example "Dinos are Tribe Use, but Player Owned"
  19. If that's the case you probably did not move far enough away from him to trigger the follow action .... (follow distance). But I gotta say, I'm w StickyBandit - the only good mana is a dead mana.
  20. There was an ini setting released some while ago that allowed leveling up of flier movement speed after tame. But points into speed during the tame process still are wasted. You may see your 2 points in speed - but those points are wasted cause they do not impact actual speed at all. During taming points are allocated randomly across all stats - and if its a flier and the point goes to speed then sorry for your loss. At the end of tame the "real" speed of the flier will be as PipingHot sez - the rated speed for the creature nevermind that all 73 extra levels were ended up being put
  21. No I mean any key-stroke. So W = Go forward in game but = W where the game accepts text input. And Shift 3 = # on a US keyboard during text input. But OP has a UK keyboard and Shift 3 there is a £ not a #. And Ark is losing this ......... This is not about hot-keys where you want to map a key that does some thing (like default of E to dismount a bird) to a different key. This is about text entry, in chat, or Dino name, or on Signs.
  22. Hmmmm Old posts say to go into Steam and change the "language" there - but I just tried it and see only "English" w no variant for locale ... Maybe lodge a ticket for this. If only to get the satisfaction of getting an automated mail say " You have lodged a ticket" PS Ark has to catch key stokes to know that W is forwards & etc. But I dunno how they map the key stroke to "text" when in chat or whenever they are accepting text (on a sign for eg). I imagine that they would use the OS specific keyboard to char map - but maybe not .... Hence the ticket.
  23. Yeah - surface area - so like the floating islands with land underneath count double ....
  24. Looks like either your disk is silently failing, or you have some kind of virus. The message "Entry Point not found" in any executable indicates that this .exe file broken/corrupted. And something in your case is consistently breaking it. Either because the OS persists in writing the newly downloaded .exe to the same faulty sectors on your drive or because you have a virus that is busting this .exe. Maybe try a CHKDSK /f on your drive (you will have to boot to let it do its business)
  25. It could just be a preset on your toon that makes YOU look fast and furious ... Or as JoeBlow sez - Advertising PAYS!!!
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