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  1. Noted and correct! But it still is an "issue" that in the cluster of ark bugs that needs resolving to narrow down WHERE the actual "bug" exists. (sorry - i do software - so i kinda speak from a dev perspecitve)
  2. mmmmm - I am on a PC Steam client - so things maybe well different to the PS port. However where I was when I got banded was really not a high population area!
  3. Yeah Ark does need the internet to "publish" the server and it runs authentication of the SteamID of joining peeps over the internet - but the actal game traffic is local - (verified with a packet sniffer). So yes it is kinda internet - but also kinda lan. And as above I had no untoward packet drops or "high" traffic over the internet gateway. And restarting the client fixed it!
  4. No comparison to sloths, but I some weeks ago tried with Rex's and a Yutty and a Pig. Rex's were on average 23k health, and around 500% melee. Saddle was high 90's (don't remember exactly). I got wasted by the Alpha Broodmother with her having between 1/2 and 1/4 of health bar left. With this bunch, Gamma was well OK.
  5. So I run my own server on my own LAN. And for the first time I yesterday experienced bad rubber banding and the game being unresponsive. At the time there was one other survivor in the cluster. Server performance data in terms of memory usage and so on was perfectly normal. TCP traffic was perfectly normal. Eventually I exited the game and reconnected, and all was well. I did not touch the server at all. My ark game (client) had been running for over 12 hours, which is the first time in a long time that I have run the game for such a period, normally its a couple of hours and then disconn
  6. Yeah - 2 Gb Download - but patching 74Gb on the disk ............ That's CRAZY!!!!
  7. Mmmmmm I do get your point - but if you got a crowd of mates that WANT to play and not be troubled by the Official issues .... (sorry I dunno how to quote a person instead of a post) As https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/profile/129772-luizza/ @Luizza says there are downsides around longevity and as you says there (may) be issues around cheating . But if you running on a pvt (no hire - home hosted) server you and the peeps that play there can thrash it out (preferably over a beer)
  8. Oh dear, someone lured a Giga (or somesuch) to eat your base
  9. PVE on official is (my view) really not cool: Spawn into a huge cluster of walls and stuff, try and walk / swim out of that cluster to lay down a fire place (so the cold don't kill you). Die - from environment or AI dinos - Rinse and repeat. PVP I have played a while on "Small Tribes" Servers and they used to be pretty cool. Peeps (sometimes) helped newbies, and if you done the hide a bit story you could progress quite far. Lately however (again my view), you gonna spawn, get to like level 40, and try and catch a Petra (or whatever) And while you tied down taming your stuff some dude on
  10. Yeah - but these files changes are from a dedicated server install updated with the steam "Ark Server" ID - not from a normal steam client install. So the principle does obtain.
  11. Did online ever work? Or is it a new fail after a patch? What platform you on? For steam version its probably a NAT failure on your fire wall - ports are going out to get the "game" but the talk back from the game server to your client is getting lost after a time. Without a LOT more details around your specific setup .... Dunno
  12. SpiderL_* files in the game folder have mostly not changed since 2019 There is one file SpiderL_AnimBlueprint.uasset which looks like a "How to draw spider movement" instruction changed in June of this year The BASE blueprint for the Brood Mother last changed 2021/7/4 And the individual hard / medium / easy last changed in April 2020. The only maybe relevant change I see is BattleArena/RTSControlCharacter.uasset changed 2021/8/21 - this could maybe be a nerf on how your toon actually performs in the boss battles, but on the face of it - Nope - no SPECIFIC change to Beta Spider
  13. Hmmmm My Client sits on 336.24, but the Sever install (on a different PC) is 678.10 And the Ark change log forum sez server version should be at 678.10 and client is 336.23 - but there is no comment around 336.24???
  14. Im with OP - base damage stats (wikkie) are 35 compared to a rex 62 Base health is 825 compared to a rex is 1100, - so how does this compete? Half damage and 2/3 as "squishiy". What am I missing?
  15. I don't get it - How does a roll back destroy a base? By definition a roll back is to a snapshot of the world some arbitrary time in the past - so a roll back will destroy any thing built or ahieved in the last {1 hour | 2 hours | whatever time}. So how is this a base destroyer? Are you building a "base" in a 1 hour frame - and then DDOS and its gone? Excuse me but I dont get it explaine a bit more | different
  16. Dunno about the dragon - and dunno if your stats are @ hatch or after imprinting / leveling? But I took rex's with 20k - 26k HP and 600- 700 melee to the Alpha brood mother - and got wasted!!!!
  17. On steam one can "verify game files" dunno if that is a thing with the MS version? If not I think a re-install may help .... (can your PC run this game? Enough RAM?)
  18. Ha Ha - As per the rest of Ark - LOTS Sarcasm aside - the existing Lost Island MOD on steam workshop is like 600 Mb. I expect that to uncompress to around 5 Gigs. But that's before wild card has fiddled with the mod and put there stamp on it. So more than 5 gigs is the answer. By comparison, Valguero takes maybe 22 Gb, Rag 26Gb, and Crystal Isles 48Gb. As above - its anybodies guess!!!
  19. Hmmm - core usage aside = The point here is that "stuff used to work ok", but then "Gen 2 released and all maps - and it looks like all platforms exhibited stutter" So Gen 2 release changed something that is used across all the maps that causes a stutter - likely some texture was altered and that is whats causing issues.
  20. To my knowledge - that's the only way to go .........
  21. 16GB is more than enough, low memory will not avail you. Maybe try a different PVP server? I have been on small tribes a lot and never had disconnects .... Try a different server is all I can advise. Your game is clearly not busted if you can sit for hours in your (I assume PVE) base. If your base that works well is NOT online - then look to your internet connection.
  22. Get a flock of Dimorphs. They don't struggle with terrain, and they will SLAUGHTER anything that comes at them. High(ish) level wild tames are well OK if you have around 6 of them. After leveling I have a bunch that have around 1.5 - 2.0 k health - and they will kill anything short of a giga, or a wyvern (which they can't catch up to)
  23. Maybe try pig or snow owl healing on the baby wyvern (with stim berries to stop the baby falling asleep from hunger) - it does still work (as of like 3 weeks ago)! OK sorry - I didn't read your OP fully - never mind this - although a note that a snow owl works way better than a pig. Or if you don't have the time or inclination for that - jump to Crystal Isle and wild tame a crystal wyvern. Any kind. The tame is not onerous and does not require any special kit. They are all way faster than a normal wyvern and are smaller so you can use them to pull normal wyverns into your trap.
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