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  1. Ha Ha - never went here, but I did mess around with punch cards for a while some million or so years ago
  2. This is just a debug record of where the .exe was compiled from (so wild card has compiled the main ShooterGame.exe from a source directory that starts with lostisland) Further up it looks like the game is failing to initialize graphics OK? I would do a "verify files" on the Ark installation (often this kind of error comes with a corrupted installation) - and maybe check graphics card driver updates? Speaking of graphics, have you recently perhaps had a driver update which could be responsible for crashing the game? (Unlikely - but I guess possible)
  3. I got there - eventually LOL
  4. Ha Ha - do you really remember that stuff???? Imagine doing an Ark update over dial up LOL LOL LOL = Binary Coded Decimal 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0010 1110 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0011 1010 0010 0000 0010 0000 0010 0000 0010 0000 So Level = the first byte = 0 Chance of making a new level = the second byte = 0 Random additive to chance of making a new level = third byte = ({st case 0.0} {second case decimal data error = crash} . . . . (All in bored fun - for them that knows binary ..
  5. Throw them out, un-claim them, use something to kill them = (a lot of) experience
  6. You gotta get the map first - on steam it means downloading the new map as a free dlc (and I guess any other platform also). Once you have the map then you can play the map. Auto updates through steam (or whatever) will NOT make the new map available. PS it is NOT the Island updated - it is a new map, like The Center, Rag, Scorched & etc
  7. @Andykay Firstly - good luck w the boss fight! My view - you done the hard work to get to a place where you think you can do bosses - don't throw that away. Character level and "kit" is not really relevant to boss progression, your dino's with stats that can stand up to the fight is what counts. I done my 1st boss fight on Scorched using wild tamed wyverns. And it worked OK. I then went back to the Island and tried a Alpha boss fight with a group of Rex's that were wild tamed, but bred to "replicate" the good stats into children (no attempt at mutation stacking). And I got waste
  8. Yeah, I am guessing that if this is where the port forward occurs, then this is where the loopback needs to be done as well .... So Im sorry but it looks like you are up a creek w no paddle. My set up is a little different in that I have a "Customer Premise Equipment" box that gets the fiber input, and a router connected to that which does all the actual connection / firewall / port forwarding and etc. My CPE is utterly stupid - it does not even have an IP address, looks like all it does is convert from fiber to ethernet? So maybe that is your "Media Converter" in a different guise? But the bi
  9. You need NAT loop back or hairpin NAT enabled on your router. That allows the LAN clients to "see" the servers as published to your WAN address. Some routers have an option to enable this - hope yours does! If you go to battlemetrics.com you WILL be able to see your servers as active. The direct connect to a individual server is OK (as you see) but the Ark Server browser (and therefore the transfer to different server) is publishing the WAN or internet address of the other maps in the cluster, and without hairpin NAT that WAN address is not available to your LAN. Technically your game cli
  10. Your sight of seeing non-dedicated servers may be because not many peeps run such a thing? With non-dedicated players are "tied" to a certain distance from the hosting character - so I would guess that not many people go and stay down that road. FYI I just done a browse of non dedicated servers through Ark and also see 12 servers only!
  11. Not huge - there is of course always a risk when opening ports - but I have not seen any documented attack vectors that target the steam engine (which is what does the network handling for you). And steam is OFTEN updated - so I deem the risk to be minimal. Having said that I don't run like you are proposing, I have a separate old laptop running my (dedicated) server(s) and do not port forward to my main machine, so you would be one step closer to an internet attack through those ports than I am .... But still - minimal risk in my opinion.
  12. you have to get your port forwarding OK through your firewall/router to do non dedicated servers open to the internet ... Lots of posts & tips around that out there.
  13. Do a "validate files" - your installation ain't good - [UnknownFile:0]
  14. To my (limited) understanding the win (anything 10 or 7) loop back stuff will only work for the machine whereon it is enabled: So unless your hosting dude is running the game AND all the maps from his own machine that will not help. I had the same issue a while ago - ran with a linux gateway that I could make do proper loop back NAT - which then crashed and burned; and I messed around for several weeks trying to get a commercial D-Link router (which had a loop back tick mark that did NOT work) to do the same stuff. The only real answer is a router that can properly do loop / hairpin NAT. Oth
  15. Note : You will need to run both maps (old and new) at once in order to transfer directly. This means you have to fiddle with the query & game port parms at start up (the two game instances cannot be the same). Also you should specify a different save directory in the startup of each game instance to keep your maps separate - however see comment after parms below. e.g. Existing = Island, New = Scorched TheIsland?listen?Port=7789?QueryPort=26900?SessionName=Island_Cluster?AltSaveDirectoryName=LeaveThisAsItIsOrBlank -clusterid=MyClust ScorchedEarth_P?listen?Port=7791
  16. You have your server set up as a cluster - which allows character transfer between maps running in that cluster, and disallows the "upload" option. So either remove the clusterID flag to your server startup, or run a different map with the same clusterID on your server.
  17. OK - Sorry but I think you are stuck playing around with back-up files .... Just a thought - but you may benefit from running your maps in a cluster - that way all the transferring & etc. is server-side with nothing on your local machine. And you can transfer directly (with all your inventory) between maps an the cluster, no need to upload / disconnect, connect new map / download. (I think you can safely put your existing maps into a cluster - but a copy of data may be good before you try ) Good luck!
  18. Windows sys save / restore is extremely unlikely to have a copy of this file: It is not part of windows itself and would not be part of the auto backups of "system" data that windows makes. Also Ark does NOT make any backup or copy of this file. The best that you can maybe to is to try a "chkdsk -f c:\" from an administrator command prompt (Assuming you ark is installed on the C drive. You will have to boot to make this happen). Depending on what exactly happened to your box before and after the crash this may recover the file - but I'm afraid your chances are slim ...... Especially
  19. So your question & post title is a bit confusing. One talks about a server and the other talks about single player? In all events - I am very unsure how transfers work unofficial non cluster servers. I had a go on a map started without clusterID parameters, and I was able to upload items and creatures to the terminal. And I see exactly what you are reporting, when a cryopod (empty or full) is put into the terminal and then pulled out again it immediately goes to zero charge and "broken" status. I seem to remember some moaning about this kind of behavior somewhere in the forums so I gu
  20. And most important this by @maxplank58 .... don't go the GFI "reallyBadAddRexToWinWith" route - or the game will quickly sour and you will have wasted your money
  21. Hmmm, it depends on where you play. On Official PVP, there ain't no grinding, you are gonna get base wiped (many times) long before you get to having to REALLY grind. Best experience I had here was on small tribes, but that went well pear shaped over a year ago with dudes popping in on a Lvl 450 mana and .... Oh well start again. Official PVE I never got much past a "{walk / swim / avoid the HUGE base at spawn} to try and find a place to build" stage. My view, worse toxic than PVP. On unofficial there are servers (of both kinds) that are pretty cool but you are at the mercy of the guy(s) runni
  22. Exactly - code will never be a significant contributor to Giga Bytes, but textures / images and so on ... The various map (with "near" and "far" copies of regions in the map) files are by far the biggest size hogs and whilst I dunno how the UT engine works at all, I am guessing that those could be compressed considerably. I'm willing to bet that there are multiple invisible or "over painted" layers of stuff in those files.
  23. And it is worth checking if you have space to install it. It is HUGE, dunno about x-box, but a PC install can be like 340 Gbytes for all the paid / free DLC's
  24. https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/485622866451905220/
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