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  1. And it is worth checking if you have space to install it. It is HUGE, dunno about x-box, but a PC install can be like 340 Gbytes for all the paid / free DLC's
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/485622866451905220/
  3. I have done this in the past with a Steam Emulator in combination with the UT4 startup switch bIsLanMatch on the Ark executable (undocumented in Ark). However the Devs have altered the way that networking is implemented (or my Emulator got to be too out of date), and I no longer can do this. The change happened just before the epic games version release and was to do with that, so if you have an old "save" of the game (client and server) then you can go there, but clearly not with all the new released content & mechanics. My archives indicate that version 295-108 definitely still worked, b
  4. You need to enable hairpin or loopback NAT on the router that connects to the internet. Without that the client game queries the "internet address" of the router in order to connect to the server, but the router forwards the packets directly to the server on your LAN and there is no correct return path from the server back to the client - so the server does not show up. How to do that (or even if it is possible for you) depends a lot on what router you have.
  5. Something NEW - but as others have said, after several years of running I guess there isn't much "new" to debate.
  6. I pop in and browse quite often - but posts are mostly "same old, same old". Do you lot think the upcoming "Lost Island" will provoke more interesting debate, or is Ark I dead in the water already? (And BTW, when is Lost Island gonna drop?)
  7. Ha Ha - I'm also over 2k hours in game and only done a boss fight like last month: A tip - give it a go in cheat mode on single player 1st - it can be very hectic right up front with no prior experience (Never mind uTube - its well different when you are in it!)
  8. @Arkal : Some stuff to consider: Auto Heal is (in the past, dunno about now) is a little glitched, and can sometimes be set on, but not always work despite food fullness and availability. The food usage of a pig is related to how much health it restores, so if you have one kid x, if you have 10 kids, 10 times x. If you leave a pig on auto heal close to any baby it will ALWAYS do its thing because the baby is always "under spec" and therefore injured. If you have more than one pig close to a baby they will BOTH ALWAYS heal because the baby is always "under spec" and ther
  9. Sure that would work - would have to source one first - I am sat in South Africa where "kit" is not necessarily freely available.
  10. I recently (like a week ago) switched from running a Linux server as my internet gateway to an "all in one" D-Link firewall / ppoe connection/and so on. Before the switch I had IPTables set-up such that any Ark server that I ran on the network was visible for the Internet, AND from the LAN. When the Ark servers were "clustered", I could join any of the servers and once in I could transfer from one to the with no issue. From either the LAN side or the www side. Now I can see the servers from LAN side, and join any one of them, BUT transfer between server when joining from the LAN no long
  11. I run a LAN cluster - and when I do server transfers the "cluster" comes up immediately, with nothing else. Also if the LAN gateway or router has NAT loop back (or under linux, hairpin NAT) enabled then the game connection is local, no game traffic goes to the master server and back. In the old days there was ?bRawSockets and ?bIsLanMatch network settings on the server executable, but that got busted / chopped out a looong time ago. Which was and is a pity!
  12. Attribute Base Value Level Increase Taming Bonus Wild Tamed Additive Multiplicative Health 80000 +40 +0.04% -63000 Stamina 400 +0.2 +1% Oxygen 150 +0.375 +2.5% Food 4000 +10 +2.5% Weight
  13. Completely agree w @Pipinghot I have a worse spec (I5 not I7) and the same GPU. The big catch w Ark performance is memory. It is WELL memory hungry so the more the better! 16Gb should however be more than enough, and as above - lag from machine will be negligible compared to server lag if you gonna do official online. A note on RAM - this is dependent on the map you going at: Most maps eat around 4-5 Gigs of ram. Genesis II eats a lot - like up to 12 Gigs ..... Dunno if that still obtains, but it was so maybe 6 weeks ago when I last took effort to check. But the short answer is you a
  14. That sounds cool - maybe I'll give it a go! (although it kinda side steps "beginner" )
  15. The agro ones only live in the desert and they are ALWAYS there - so no requirement to whack the non aggressive kind which spawn well away from the desert ......
  16. I tried to put dino gates on a raft this past weekend - and the message came up "cannot place that on this platform" .... So I think gates on a raft has been nerfed over the last while?
  17. Yeah a high stat weight wyvern to flee with all your kit when the towers fail seriously - dunno - it depends on whats around and how the electric cables go and and and ..... Big fail of a turret on a structure is if the structure fails then your turrets are gone?
  18. If its a private server then just roll back to an older save game .............
  19. It is likely that your LAN cables (some or all) are OK to run at 100Mbs, but fail at 1Gbs. Replace them one by one with new CAT-5 (or even CAT-6) cables and you will be away. What happens is that the bits connect to each other at 1Gbs, but the cable is not good enough to support that speed, specifically under load, so then the connection fails and has to be reopened. You could try going into your computers network settings and force the wired connection to run at 100Mbs instead of 1Gbs - and that may fix the issue. However if the failing cable is the one between your switch and the router -
  20. Yes farming is the long term answer - but this is not a Rag Milk Run, Its primal crystal on Crystal Iles. And in all events, not everyone is set up to whack an Alpha (of any kind). And also some people are damn scared of "hunting" wyverns.
  21. It depends a lot on the level & stats of the baby. But generally the health stat at the time when they start using health to stay alive instead of food is high enough for you to abandon them to their own devices for quite long periods (like hours). I ain't personally done this with an Owl, but definitely have used a pig. LOL the "gap" between healing was taken up a lot by meat farming for that hungry pig. Which I understand is not so much of an issue with the Owl? In the long view (if you gonna breed a bunch of these things) it may be easier to build a wyvern trap to farm your milk /
  22. Thats the fail - the transfer does bad stuff to mating cool down on cryo'd dinos
  23. Forget about milk for babies - go catch a pig or a snow owl, and gather some stim berries = profit - raised Wyvern!
  24. Also you could manually delete that file (e:\stim\steamapps\appmanifest_346110.acf) and do a "Validate files" through steam.
  25. Get a command prompt: CHKDSK /f E:
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