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  1. The biggest change from a relatively low level kinda guy is the new map Crystal Isles. It has passive tame wyverns which take away a lot of the pain in getting a wyvern. Two other free maps released since then being Lost Island and Fjordur. Lost Island is no brilliant, but does have a new creature - Sinomacrops - which is well worth going to fetch (it works like an organic jet pack!). There has also been official maps released - depending on when you packed in last this may include Genesis I and will include Genesis II. The first is (in my view) a bit of a "don't go there". Although there is a very cool new spawn - Blood Stalker - on it. And Genesis II is also no great shakes, but some very cool tames, like the new Maewing which aids a LOT in raising babies. So I guess a lot depends on what you are in Ark for. What floats my boat is exploring a new map and seeing all the cool things on that map ... For others it's more of a climb the ladder to absolute supremacy. If you lean towards the latter, then the new official maps will do you. If you lean towards the former - Crystal Isles is beautiful and worth some time, lost island is a bit of a let down, and I ain't played the new Fjordur at all yet. Note - all of this is my personal experience of Ark - and a bunch of other peeps will disagree with me, and your own experience will vary depending on what you like in the game.
  2. Ark stuff is UDP not TCP (hope you have UDP in your router port forwards) so a classic "port scan" that looks at TCP ports only may not find open stuff. So on your firewall rules - be sure you have UDP as an allowed protocol for incoming packets. It can take a LONG time for a server to appear in the Unofficial server browser - If your mate goes through steam server browser - not built in Ark, can they see the game. When you say they "cannot join" Is that because they don't see the game or because the join fails after they see the game? Also just to be clear - the "Query Port" setting (I don't use ASM so dunno the exact terminology) is your 27015 value, whilst the "port" or "game port" setting is your 7777 7778 ports. Last thing - do your port forwards overlap? so for example is your minecraft server running on a different LAN IP, but it is using one of the ports that Ark is set up to use, and the router is sending some packets for Ark to a different machine altogether.
  3. In the old days the "extra" players on a dedicated server were teleported to be within the radius of what is the tethering distance setting for that server. Dunno if that still obtains? Who crashes - the person starting the game, the person joining the game, or both? Can either of you play normal single player? Does the game crash when the non dedicated server starts, or only when the second person tries to join. Have you tried the other way around - i.e. you normally start the game with server mode, and the other person joins - as a test do it the other way around. Ark crashes are in my experience almost always to do with a corrupt install - so a verify of files is always a first step. If single player is OK for both, and the game launches and plays as a non dedicated server until the second person tries to join, then I would guess at network settings being changed since it last worked - but I have never really messed around with non dedicated servers and cannot really comment on that.
  4. Despite your looooong install time (yeah that is normal) - it looks like the install is corrupt - the crash is moaning about not being able to find a file (from the detail, probably some kind of graphic in the game). You could have a did at "verifying files" for the game if you on steam. Otherwise I'm afraid it looks like a reinstall.
  5. As a brand new player get one thing firmly in your mind. "Stuff" and "Death" are not important. Whatever you are playing (single player or online server) spawn into the map at ALL of the available locations and run around a bit to uncover the map and get a feel for what the environment / wildlife is like around that spawn point. Do not be scared to die! You can just respawn. And do not go overboard trying to go find your body when you die and lose whatever kit you have been able to make so far. Its not serious, and rebuilding the kit will give you experience to level your toon up with. In terms of leveling, I as a first priority like to put quite a lot of levels into speed, and a couple of points into stamina. this will increase your survival ability a LOT as you can simply run away from whatever is trying to eat your face off. Once you have some levels under your belt, and you have explored stuff around all of the spawn points, pick one and build a house. From here on in things become easier, because you can also build a bed in your house which will allow you respawn at your bed in your house when you die. And you can build boxes to keep spare bits of wood and fiber and etc. so that startup is no longer naked from scratch. Again remember that kit is NOT important. So if the location of your house proves to be a poor decision because of rampant T-Rex spawns, or even just because you keep getting killed by the cold, then abandon it, and build a new base elsewhere! After you have a house and have built stuff like a mortar and pestle, you can start with trying to catch (or rather tame) some dinos to help you with your existence. Like maybe a trike to gather berries for you or even a raptor to help defend you and to get around the map more quickly. Once you are OK with actual game play and survival, there are lots of quick start "shortcuts" that can be done with taming. For example go to a desert somewhere and passive tame a small flock of vultures to protect you. (A flock of say 6 of these dudes will whack a T-Rex no problem!). Or spawn into crystal isles and passive tame a crystal wyvern. As Pipinghot has said - a lot depends on what you want out of the game. So depending on what you want out of the game, taking the later shortcut might remove a lot of the early game challenge - but that is stuff you need to choose based on what is frustrating you with the game ... Yes starting is brutal! Just remember - you cannot really die - you get to respawn every time, and the "progress" your toon has made is preserved. And kit (including a house and tamed dinos) is NOT important (yeah I know it took like 2 days to gather all the material needed to build that "thing" or to tame "Freddy"). Rebuilding stuff just adds to your experience, and it gets a lot easier over time as your level increases and you get to own some utility dinos to help you with your endeavors.
  6. I think your topic is relevant to the whole Ark community. I (pc steam version) have probably spent more time this year on this forum that actually playing Ark. I dunno if you console dudes will get the new map release? But for me Ark has been a bit of a dead horse for a long while now! The new map may spark a bit of "new map" exploration .. But then again maybe no. I for a long while (like over a year) ran a bunch of maps for anyone to come play on - but at one moment South African electrics precluded that lot from being up always - and the "cluster" died .... Running your own server(s) is pretty cool, but to go play your own self on those servers competitively is a different thing altogether. If you run that sever for your own use only - again good move - but after a bit I think you may get bored .... Random peeps make the ark experience, not game story or such.
  7. I cannot comment on PS4 stuffs but this is important. Yes blueprints for building a "simple pistol" or a "smithy" or whatever are rubbish. But getting a non primitive saddle at above 80% or even a "ascendant shotty" at 210% is WORTH keeping. A lot of the drops are rubbish, but once in a blue moon you find a good thing. As above the Obelisk is mostly to spawn into a boss arena. But there it is also the way to "hop" to a different map. I ain't played single player enough to definitively comment here - but in principle - "Load your kit" + "your dinos" and transfer to a new map. How that works in single player I have no idea - but on any server "cluster" it does work. Actually as my poor old brain remembers it - you can only "download survivor" on a new single player map ... So all that put of stuff in the obelisk may be rubbish .... Note I am steam PC not PS
  8. Depends - If you single player or own the server you play on - just create a new guy to your taste and take all the stuff that your old guy had. |if you are on a non owned server - I dunno ..... It may be possible, but I have not done it. I know that I have hex edited the arkprofile before now to change names and etc. But you have to OWN the box you playing on ...
  9. This, and a change in that colors are available forever depending on stuff that I did not read around Ark end of life. (maybe to do with server settings or loot drops or some such - really did not read)
  10. I think this is a non question ... A couple or 10 of small crop plots, anywhere you like, with one dung beetle, will provide narc berries more than you can consume ,,,, (I find 4 crop plots to be more than adequate - and start throwing the the stuff away after that)
  11. I have a tek rex line currently at like (out of egg) 10k HP and 500 melee. First caught the parents on Valguero like 2 or 3 years ago. But your comment around micro manage the attack squad is probably what is escaping me - I have NOT tried to mob the boss w deinio's and keep the big boys a bit out of range .... Tactics - which clearly I have not learnt over all the years LOL Thanks! I will give this a dip when I get the desire for ark again! Or maybe I read that all wrong ... Whistle attack and have done. Yeah maybe the deinio's get in front cause they quicker, and therefore get wasted ... So other way around - put rex's first & then the hook clawed killers .... Either way worth a dip ...
  12. Accepted - maybe I got stuck on running a bunch of Rex's and did not mix it up enough. But my rex's are no good enough for Alpha Spider. I believe the BroodMother had a rework some while ago to make her way stronger - and as above this one defeats me. Granted I have no taken the effort at the obvious "insect killer" answer, but Rex's without HUGE breeding stats are not in it. I did have a dip with some rex's and some deineo's some while ago - and either my stats were no good enough, or I can't drive the mob, or whatever: I still got wasted!
  13. Correct - there is no more creature completions going on, and the map scheduled for mid July is the LAST official release on Ark I. So whatever you do is not gonna get into the official game. Having said that - by all means post here for general comment .... And cause it's not "for realsies" , you can use or break any or all of the submission rules .
  14. I also would likely not attempt this. However were I to go there I would use all of the experience and resource available to me. So (for e.g.) I might spawn in on Crystal Ilse and go catch a passive tame wyvern, and then go to the island and start building stuff. Why go through all the "beach bob" stuff when you have done it before, and it is really no longer necessary. As a really clean new player, there is merit in doing the maps as they come, but if you have been there and done that - use what you know and go forward as fast as you can!
  15. So how long - number of generation - mutations - did you go to get Theri's at 20k + 700???
  16. Avoid the PVE turns suddenly to PVP bug. Play PVP right up front! Sorry - no answer here - unless it were a volcano eruption (or the like) with coincidental people ....
  17. Ha Ha, all your transfer to bases are in the mesh LOL. (Dont't shoot me dude - JOKE!) Seriously - try refresh game files ... A crash is normally (my experience) as a result of a 1/2 way done patch.
  18. My experience of that (and I have played since beta) is It is not possible!. I have had good experience with beta boss's, and on Scorched I took the alpha manticor with wild tames wyverns - but otherwise Alpha has not been in my reach. I am currently sat - like maybe once a month cause I have played ark way too much over time - trying to breed some boss capable rex's. But in a realistic short(ish) term: It ain't possible!. Note I run my own cluster of servers, and so can start and stop as I like, and even restore back to an older version if stuff goes really pear shaped, and it is small tribes settings not real official. It don't help. Alpha Spider on the Island escapes me! By wikkie & comment and etc. the Dragon is way worse than a dodgy spider ....
  19. Mmmm - Maybe you are missing the point of survival? You are not clear around what "back to start" is. Does it mean you have to create a new character and really start again? If so then see "Hard Core" stuff above. Or does it mean you still have a guy, but the game asks you to "respawn" in a random location. If this - then I am afraid that is how the game works. At one moment when you have progressed enough, you will be able to build a bed and after getting killed and then quitting, the game will ask you to choose a bed to respawn at. Still without any of the stuff you had - but with the chance to go find your body and pick up your stuff. Excuse my response if you ain't in the really new to Ark category - but from your post this was not clear.
  20. There is a clear "error" concerning an unknown file - try to repair / verify files on one of the servers that is failing. It is not clear if your cluster runs several maps on one machine or if you have several machines and installations. If you have separate "installs" for each server instance, you can copy the whole install directory from a working server to a failing server. Just be sure to backup your saved games directory before copy so that you don't overwrite a particular map.
  21. Anyone have a clue where the Fabby construction still works - or is it now bust for all maps? I a (long) while ago built this on Scorched in a normal Fabby, but tried some weeks ago to do it on the Island with no success? Quite irritating!
  22. Is this an official server join? My first though is that perhaps something has gone a bit pear shaped with your "Battle Eye" installation. If the fail is on official server join, maybe try and uninstall and then reinstall battle eye ... (Easy test here is to try and join some arbitrary unofficial server that does not require battle eye.) If not official - I am a little at a loss. Maybe try and verify Ark files? And look at your firewall settings (I am assuming both Steam version and Windows OS). Perhaps your firewall is allowing packets out to Ark, but not OK with letting Ark talk back to you? If that can be the case, then delete and allow re-add of the Ark firewall exception - or manually edit it to allow incoming connections.
  23. Ha Ha - Thats what I just said LOL ........
  24. This is maybe more relevant than mods and stuff .... You said killing the fish did no good - how did you kill them, with a admin dino wipe, or by hand? I remember there being over time various "once off" game start up parameters (at specific version releases in history) that kinda reset the spawn on various maps - but I'm afraid I don't remember the detail, and also think that your 2 year old save is maybe too new to fall into that category. Again from memory - I think playing with the .ini spawn parameters may cause you as much "restart the game" pain as stripping mods one by one .... That lot is complex and quite difficult to get right without busting playability. The other thing to consider is what (over time) has changed in terms of a structure that blocks wild spawns. Maybe as an experiment go place a good few linked foundations in your cove just in case in the old days pillars were adequate to suppress wild spawn but in the modern game they are not?
  25. Maybe this ... But it is a per dino type thing so quite tedious to set up ...... DinoClassDamageMultipliers=( ClassName="<classname>", Multiplier=<multiplier> ) TamedDinoClassDamageMultipliers=( ClassName="<classname>", Multiplier=<multiplier> ) classname = string multiplier = float Default 1.0 Multiplies damage dealt of specific dinosaurs via classname. Higher values increase the damage dealt. Dino classnames can be found on the Creature IDs page. The examples provided here are split into multiple lines for space considerations. In the configuration file, an entry must be placed on a single line. Multiple DinoClassDamageMultipliers and TamedDinoClassDamageMultipliers entries can be specified in the file, but ClassName values should not be repeated across multiple entries.
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