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  1. Clearly you can browse the internet (otherwise you would not have been able to post this query ;)) Can you play other online games or is it only ark that is busted? The screen shot above with a "Ping N/A" looks wrong (but I am unfamiliar with epic launcher - maybe that is the way epic server browser works?) As above I would guess that the outgoing "NAT" on your router is not OK in that traffic from your PC is getting to the internet OK, but replies from the internet are not coming back to your PC. In other words you can see the "server" but the server cannot talk to you. Without a proper NAT configuration on your router the server will be responding to your router, not to your PC. Again as above you will either have to scratch on the internet to see how to fiddle with router settings yourself, or get the guys that installed it to come and make fix.
  2. Thats an reasonable thought - but I would have thought too squishy? (unless you taking the xxxxx and are no being serious LOL)
  3. Dimorphs (like 6 in a flock). They are adequate to take any cave that has air in it ............ And are easy to get past the choke points. And probably a Barry to ride. My view - cryopods kinda busted the huge challenge that a cave used to provide. Now - bring whatever works! And if it don't work - throw out another pod.
  4. Also - what are you trying to feed the "sleeper". Carnivores like Raptor or Dillo will only eat meat. Herbivores, like Trike, or Para will only eat berries ... On PC that does not sound like you problem. Normally you can move whatever you like into a sleeping dino's inventory. They just may not eat what you put there! x-box maybe different? Maybe have a look at "key" bindings?
  5. You might be missing this .... (without it being set to true the entries you have above will do nothing) bOnlyAllowSpecifiedEngrams=<value> value = boolean (true/false) Default = false If true, any Engram not explicitly specified in the OverrideEngramEntries or OverrideNamedEngramEntries list will be hidden. All Items and Blueprints based on hidden Engrams will be removed.
  6. This. It allows a good "experience" of the unique new map - and then when you get fed up of the grind, import some "beasts" whereby you go quickly forward. I have for a loooong time played pretty much like @DeHammer sez: With my own set of dedicated servers that I can run or drop as I like. Official experience for me was mostly on Small Tribes servers which I enjoyed immensely. I therefore run my servers at Small Tribes rates - with the exception that I have boosted breeding stuff a bit (like twice to what official will offer). But to sit and breed on EACH new map is not something I have the time or the inclination for. So - yeah - go play the map, maybe as some peeps have said until you are OK to do the artifact fetching, and then bring in the big guns. It is to your choice. Enjoy the game. Tame stuff. Build bases. Explore the map. Whack the boss. Just ENJOY the game :) Last thought I have is that Ark with real people playing in it is way more fun that a single player experience. I started my "cluster" pretty much for me and my kids to play on. But over time I had a good bunch of peeps on the cluster. And it was great fun. Over time the kids have moved on to Tarkov or other twitch type games, and my geography (or rather my government) has messed up electric supply to the point where I cannot run a stable server anymore. But while it lasted it was GREAT fun, and is really worth a look. A dedicated server or cluster is YOUR server and has all the perks of single player along with the bonus of friends / enemies playing with you.
  7. mmmm Thats weird. Its talking DataReplication and NetworkDriver fails .... And you say you joining an Official Server - cause if not I would look at "Mods" required for that server, or even question that the server is running OK? You have updated the Graphics drivers which is good. Have you had any change to ISP or internet gateway or that kind of stuff? Can you run single Player (on the Gen2 map)? Note that your "fix" instructions are not OK. Gen2 is an official map and not under the directory that you whacked in point 5 above. So push come to shove, maybe whack the whole Ark installation and reinstall (Yeah its a mission - but that's one way to be sure that your local installation is OK).
  8. Get a male and a female w low level stats - but with the stats in DIFFERENT abilities. You can then breed the two and keep only the "worst" of the offspring. That way you can get to a level 1. Like breeding for good stats - but in reverse.
  9. There is a "local" chat in Ark that works only between people that are close to each other in game? Maybe your server owner is using that? Is the guy actually in game?
  10. export PLATFORMWAR=1 Get a real copy of the game , no some ported hatchet job copy, then there is no question around what the issue is. export PLATFORMWAR=0 Oooooh wait a bit - I think MS bought this whole shoot(ergame)ing match. Which led to 3rd person only design decisions for ark 2 ... So Maybe you are on the right platform after all. For realsies - sorry - dunno x-box (or windows) version of the game, so other that a wee bit of sarcasm I cannot comment. I can say I have done this kind of port OK on steam version with no issues.
  11. Thats a magic thought - but then one would expect earth/water/fire/air; and the peeps didn't have enough obelisk's to do 4 fights LOL And for myself, if there was a water only boss - I would not be in it. After 6 or 7 years at Ark I am STILL very uncomfortable w the ocean
  12. Whatever you do - keep a copy of the whole SaveArksLocal directory .... (Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\SavedArksLocal) It kinda looks like your save game file is corrupt. At a wild guess it looks to trying to load something like a Tek Rail gun? So maybe you could try to move your LocalPlayer.arkprofile to a different (safe) place and try again to see if it will restore LocalPlayer.profilebak (or just create a new toon). You could also (after copying the directory!!!!) try deleting the TheIsland.ark to see if the game will start clean. Dunno if you maybe have stuff in a obelisk? And it crashing trying to load that data. If you make any progress with the above, you can try deleting both LocalPlayer.arkprofile and TheIsland.ark, and then renaming TheIsland_AntiCorruptionBackup.bak to TheIsland.ark and LocalPlayer.profilebak to LocalPlayer.arkprofile and see where that gets you ...
  13. I this weekend had a strong go at Fjordur map - and came across a distinct oddity. I activated the central area portal from Midgard to Asgard, and then some (short) while later ported (again through the terminal) back to Midgard. And somewhere along the line my shoulder pet (yes being carried on the shoulder) went AWOL. I went back and looked carefully around and did the "follow me" whistle all around where I traveled - but it was gone. The pet was an import (Sinomacrops) and I at first thought it did not port because of flyer restrictions in Asgard. But I can teleport any damn fly creature there, albeit not ride them when in Asgard. Nothing at all in tribe log. Any comments? Is this a bug? Anyone else been bitten like this?
  14. Yeah I hear you, and even agree with you. I have sunk more hours into this game than any number of other games added together! But the fact remains that Wildcard is no longer putting much effort into Ark. Perhaps that will change if Ark 2 is not a success. In that instance it would make monetary sense for Wildcard to leverage the huge success of Ark and release some more paid for DLC's. But at this moment, that ain't happening. Whilst I do not have any kind of numbers to substantiate - I would imagine that the actual revenue accrued to Wildcard from new sales of Ark is no longer substantial - its been out in the wild (pun intended) for many years now, so people that are keen on this kind of game will already have it. Hence, as a $ earning product, Ark has maybe run its course. So as above the only way to build on Ark's success is to build new paid for DLC's. And that ain't happening, they are pinning their $ dreams on Ark II.
  15. Mmmm, It is unfortunately not worth debating any of this lot (agree or disagree): After like 7 years of effort, Ark is no longer under active development. There is absolutely zero chance of anything in the game other than some bug fixes being addressed. In other words, right now it is what it is, take it or leave it
  16. I am mostly entertained by a new map. Not "conquering" it, but just exploring to see all the stuff that has been put in the map. The most outstanding thing in Ark that I remember was the time when Ragnarok was completed and the edge walls on the south and east of the map were moved out to their present locations. And one could actually reasonably navigate down the east side of the map without getting deep frozen killed hopping through the murder snow that used to be the right hand edge. With progress of a toon, most of the day to day activities have become kinda trivial. Taming with a 300% ascendant xbow, not so difficult. Meat runs with a badass wyvern (or giga or whatever, pick your own poison), not so difficult. Even base construction with the right dinos to gather materials is kinda trivial. And breeding is just a pain all ways from Friday :)
  17. Yes - as above - pick one of the two toons that you have and delete from the save game directory the one you don't want. And when you transfer to that now "unpopulated" server use admin commands to Take Tribe ownership, Take Structures, Take Dinos. If there were multiple Tribes on the other map, you may have to allow those guys to also do this trick. So for e.g. you want to keep the "structure" of the most recent map. In the old map's directory remove all the .arkprofile files. Then transfer to that map from your new map, and use admin commands to take ownership of the tribe and stuff that used to be yours. And if someone wants to do it the other way around (i.e. keep the toon from the old map), then delete that particular .arkprofile on the new map whilst keeping it on the old map. The profiles are named by the persons steamID so that is how you know who is what. It is possible to hex edit the profile files to (for example) change the SteamID (owner) of the profile, or the in game toon name and so on. But again as above it is kinda a stab in the dark, and in all events tribe membership and etc. is recorded in a different file(.arktribe). I have not tried editing that file directly to alter the owner and internal player ID's of members to the tribe (although I expect it is possible), because it is much easier to simply fix it with admin cheats. As a last comment, you might have kit in the inventory of the "old toon" that you want to keep. So best to "play" on the old map at least once so that you can put your kit in a box before deleting him.
  18. The disk is big enough. I would be more concerned with the CPU & graphics that are on the thing? My personal view - I would look for a laptop in the same kind of $ range, and not have to deal with a very tiny screen and having to use a joy stick kinda interface .... Clearly I don't know your "carrying capacity" (have you leveled up weight ) when you shifting houses - but still, I really would prefer a more main stream kinda device to a dedicated steam piece of kit.
  19. That's an interesting tactic!! Never heard about that before, but sounds like a good plan. I agree that the minions are often more trouble than the damn boss LOL. Trouble is, I am mostly a solo player (on a server - but solo) so multi player plans don't much work for me.
  20. Oh noooooooooo! It would have been better to go out in a blaze of glory - rather than be voided by rubbish code or a failing hard disk. Sorry. Dunno what version / platform you on - but if you single player, make backups of your save games every so once in a bit. If I am playing regularly I make a backup maybe once a week. On steam version, copy or zip this whole directory to make a backup: steam/steamapps/common/Ark/ShooterGame/Saved/ I cant really speak to other platforms or even the windows version, but the principle is the same. Speaking of failing hard disk - if you are repeatedly getting this kind of fail, it might be a good thought to check that your disk ain't on its last legs. There are a bunch of google help on how to do that. Your costume looks pretty cool - but way complex!!!! Good luck with that! And lastly thanks for posting. Both the initial post and the final very sad outcome. Your initial post entertained a bunch of peeps here!
  21. To hijack the original topic a bit - I wonder what has been successfully used on Scorched Manticore boss? Personally (before breeding was possible) I used a bunch of wild egg raised lightening wyverns. Has anyone made a go of other dinos?
  22. Gotta echo @Joebl0w13 and @Pipinghot. Dying is inevitable in Ark. And it is not a train smash. Even if you cannot mange to go back and save the kit you were carrying - no real stress, you will earn experience rebuilding that kit! I have for many years now made a practice on any new map of DELIBERATELY dying, and each time spawn to a different spawn point on the map. So that I can get a feel of what is around that spawn point by running around the spawn point a bit until the cold / the heat / the rampant raptors / whatever kills me again. So yeah as the guys say - get a bed, and don't be afraid - cause it is gonna happen, often.
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