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  1. ---EDIT --- Ignore this information - it is a setting where the server flushes the game state to disk periodically - instead of only at game "shut-down". There is another setting somewhere that sets the copy of save files ..... --- EDIT 2 --- OK @Pipinghot now I am REALLY curious about how your single player game does auto time save file copies. I have now spent a good bit scratching in both the various ini files, and even had a bit of a squiz in the ShooterGame & ShooterGameServer .exe objects. And I have found nothing that is useful. So how did you do it So @PipinghotI took effort to go do some "diff" across my single player ini files and the files that exist in my sever PC. And I found it !!!! In GameUserSettings.ini under the [ServerSettings] section .... AutoSavePeriodMinutes=15.000000 And away you go. For those peeps that do really use single player - this might well be a good setting to include (although every 15 minuets is maybe a bit excessive). I, like you, only use single player as a testing sandbox, and do not really play to progress there ... But nevertheless this may be of help to someone somewhere. @Yutyrannusfan14 this will not help you with your current issues - but it knowing the general "troubles" of Ark, it may have merit in being set to come around future glitches.
  2. I am not convinced that single player creates those "timed" backup copies - with my settings I only have the base map, anticorruption, and newlaunch files. And the first two are unfortunately overwritten at each entry to that map. Sure on a server (and maybe if running a non-dedicated server - I cannot speak to that) the timed saves are created, but not in my installation of single player (which is Steam PC, not X-Box). I THINK , single player "stuff", perhaps including Obelisk uploads, are saved in ..\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\LocalProfiles\PlayerLocalData.arkprofile (I cannot find any other file that might be shared between maps on a single player installation) But again - there is no auto backup of that file on my installation. So in short @Yutyrannusfan14 - I am afraid that your kit is probably gone forever.
  3. @ECHOOH can you connect to an unofficial server at release 348.4 or higher that does not have battle eye enforced? Have you tried to re-install battle eye? (I don't think reinstalling the game will also update battle eye - its a separate install). It seems you do not always get the battle eye window - sometimes just a fail to connect crash - which may point to a corrupted battle eye installation. Have you or your ISP changed networking stuff recently? Have you recently installed any new software (like firewalls or anti virus or such) that might interfere with battle eye?
  4. Yeah, Conan's building was horrible - nothing ever clipped what it was supposed to LOL - but sure, more variety. Mmmm - I ain't sold on playing Tomb Raider or Assassins Creed with added Dinos. As it stands I think Ark 2 may be a something I skip ....
  5. I did not even take note that you can build a mirror - why would anyone do this - other than to see the effect of beer goggles LOL
  6. mmmm weird - As @GrumpyBear sez - maybe a killallwilddinos ... Otherwise I really dunno - It is not creative mode that is messing you up, my experience has it that creative mode has no impact on egg spawns. But I ain't tried that for a good long while now - so maybe a "patch" has busted the mechanics somewhere along the way. Otherwise - a silly question - but you don't have buildings around /in the scar? That are repressing spawns?
  7. You have to move out of render range to get them to respawn. So fly directly out into the desert close to the edge barrier, and then back again. Then they should respawn. I am assuming you know that picked up and dropped eggs count as "in game" things. Eggs you don't want must be destroyed (eaten is easiest) before a new one will spawn.
  8. To maybe say what has been "quoted" above a bit different. Yes it is possible. A mutation "counter" will always be passed down to the child. But the VALUE gotten from the counter is not necessarily passed down ......... So your baby could well get equivalent stamina to the highest level stamina from the two parents, and get the lowest weight from the two parents, BUT it will carry 2 (not 1 ) mutation "counters". So counters carry down, regardless if the benefit of that counter was passed on or no.
  9. So three days are long past - what actually happened :)
  10. @invincibleqc Dunno that this should have been ported to server stuff. If the OP copied his "save" to his desktop, then it VERY likely that he is running single player - not any kind of server. Also OP clearly did NOT do uploads of kit prior to deleting and reinstalling? So it kinda is a legitimate question on the "general" forums? Fair enough it was not stipulated what kind of game was being run - but as above, seems like single player to me.
  11. Whatever you do, BACK UP the existing stuff before you overwrite it!!!!!! @Pipinghot has nailed it. So you should be able to copy your old save into the relevant place. But that will overwrite whatever progress you have made on the official released map. And the save may not be compatible - Dunno how much of difference there is between the workshop version and the released map? Again if you running dedicated server arks, you could run 2 instances of Fjordur in a cluster using the AltSaveDirectory directive for each instance. And transfer into the "old" map, pickup your kit, and transfer back to the official map.
  12. I guess it depends on how many are chowing from that trough? If you do NOT have juvenile dinos on the trough then zero in the trough should well last through the (real time) night. Any adult will not die of starvation in a real time over night gap - they will just reduce the "food" stat a bit. But nowhere close to 0. If you you have juvenile "eat a lot" then the game changes a lot ... And here I can't give you good answers- it depends on the count of growing kids and the kind and etc. So there it comes back to your least desired answer which is "a lot"
  13. From how I read it - for MatingSpeedMultiplier, bigger is better (i.e. the larger this number the quicker they mate). Maybe set back to default of 1 and see if that makes any difference?
  14. OK so the "missing" ancestry is a red herring - but OP's issue is that his Dino's will neither mate nor get a mate boost from male/female dino's in the same area - and that has not been commented on. I have never seen anything like that - some silly questions though: The male / female are of the exact same type? i.e. you are not mixed a base male Spino w an Aberrant female Spino for example? The dinos are close enough for mate boost & mating to happen? Are you running vanilla Ark or have you got some mods enabled that could potentially break breeding / mate boost. When you hover over the female - does it say "ready to mate"? Or is there a ready to mate in xxx timer for that dino? You say you on single player, the following ini settings relate to mating (but I know of nothing that changes the range where mate boost is effective) MatingIntervalMultiplier=<value> If this is set to 99999 or some such high number, I guess mating will never happen. MatingSpeedMultiplier=<value>. If this is set to 0, I guess mating will never happen.
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