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  1. This issue is still prevalent a month later and it costed me a great deal. This is also something i've noticed. This game was more stable when Genesis first launched.
  2. Wildcard this crap is still happening. Fix it for goodness sake.
  3. Almost nothing works now. Genesis was more stable at launch than it is now. HLNA dissapears randomly, glitches in-game can't be accessed and fixed (just like irl), taming stuff barley works. This is ridiculous.
  4. I've seen the video already, the thing is people in the comments are saying that it's not working for them because the Golem refuses to eat implying there's a restriction to taming cave creatures and so clearly the guy in the video managed to enable it so it still doesn't answer my question lol.
  5. So they made it ridiculous and more or less not possible with what Genesis has available? Great...*sigh*
  6. Are Lava Golems tameable? If they're not because they're considered cave creatures, is there an option in the ini that makes it so that cave dinos can be tamed? I can't find a clear answer for either of these anywhere.
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