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  1. This issue is still prevalent a month later and it costed me a great deal. This is also something i've noticed. This game was more stable when Genesis first launched.
  2. Why do so many Ocean Biome creatures spawn UNDER the map? I've noticed whenever I look for mosas and tusos they tend to not be where the coordinates say they are. Low and behold when I ghost under the map they're down under it outside of the accessible area along with an absurd amount of other creatures. 9 times out of 10 the creature i'm looking for spawned under the map. Did no one think to look under the map to see if stuff was spawning down there for some reason?
  3. That and the insane amount of creatures that are inside the walls and under the map that no one can get to. Several squids my S+ Transmitter told me were at a certain location were not there and instead under the map with loads of other fish and creatures. Really infuriating.
  4. Yes, constantly. It's always either crashes or disconnects and happens sometimes in the snow biome as well though not as frequent.
  5. Wildcard this crap is still happening. Fix it for goodness sake.
  6. Almost nothing works now. Genesis was more stable at launch than it is now. HLNA dissapears randomly, glitches in-game can't be accessed and fixed (just like irl), taming stuff barley works. This is ridiculous.
  7. I've seen the video already, the thing is people in the comments are saying that it's not working for them because the Golem refuses to eat implying there's a restriction to taming cave creatures and so clearly the guy in the video managed to enable it so it still doesn't answer my question lol.
  8. I'm on PC. The times have been mismatched on the different platforms so i'm not sure why they changed in on PS4.
  9. Um, that's kind of bizarre. Are you on PC because it's not 55 seconds for me. It's around a 1:20 seconds for me.
  10. So they made it ridiculous and more or less not possible with what Genesis has available? Great...*sigh*
  11. Are Lava Golems tameable? If they're not because they're considered cave creatures, is there an option in the ini that makes it so that cave dinos can be tamed? I can't find a clear answer for either of these anywhere.
  12. I beat the Alpha Manta race my first try today. Bottle Nosed Blitz is the impossible one as they decreased the timer on that one for no reason and i'm pissed as can be.
  13. They literally reduced the alpha timer by like 20-30 seconds. what the heck wildcard.
  14. As of todays patch, most of the races seem to be fixed from what I tested so far on PC, but it seems that Bottle Nosed Blitz (the one with the Dolphin) is impossible now. I always lose it by two seconds even with as much corner cutting as possible and a flawless run of it. Really frustrating.
  15. I've been looking, the command that is supposed to make them not spawn seems to be ignored by the insect swarms and they spawn anyway. So it seems there's no way of stopping it currently which is infuriating.
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