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  1. Same error here, Aberration, 332.14
  2. Awesome ! That's very good to read. I've seen quite a few posts from @IanHighlander, he seems to have his stuff pretty well under control, I know I can trust his input on server administration. I'll wait a few hours to see if he has something to add to the discussion then I'll give it a try to rebuild the server from backup. Thanks a lot !
  3. We are a private unofficial cluster and we've never encountered any game breaking bug, all maps work as expected. But this night/day thing on aberration is bad. Our problem is also consistent with the time from "H" key showing completely different time than inventory. Here's something that could maybe help resolve the issue: I noticed that there's 2 "ADayCycleManager" (specifically AberrationDayCycle_C_1) instances when I start the aberration server. Here's a printscreen of the server window: All other maps only have one day cycle manager. Hope Wildcard can see this..
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