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  1. i have the same problem but get the package. You did'nt see anything inside your inventory but the eggs are inside. Return and transfert all with double arrow in fridge or conservation box (i have just a conservation box). if you look at the number of items you will see that some items are invisible. Wait few hours and the eggs will be appear. Wich level ?? surpise
  2. once again the test will be done on PC. As if they really needed to test it. The consoles are still put back and we would have had a better judgment and finally a pleasure to test this but we still have to wait. I'm not here to spit on PC players but I find this PC test completely useless and devaluing for us console players. The MOD S+ is existing and we ask them to test it?
  3. i have too. I 'm on PS4 and play in official server. my scorched and axtinction map reset too
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