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  1. MegaZ1

    Dinos STILL FALL through the map!!!

    This is getting old - WC Said it was fixed and as usual its not - Fix the broken stuff before adding anything new.
  2. MegaZ1

    ARK at TwitchCon 2017!

    So will Aberration have the same dino cap as other servers (5500) and are dino's transferable to the Aberration servers from Island, SE, Ranarok ? if so the players that actually buy this will get around 4-5 weeks before the dino cap is reached and that will be your own faults for buying into a new Dlc before they sort out the problems they have STILL on the base game that was launched 2 months ago. If WC are not willing to sort out the servers then don't support WC by buying there new Dlc products. Simples
  3. MegaZ1

    Remove the server dino cap

    add to add insult to injury they keep having 2x weekends for taming and maturation LOL - HOW on max tamed LIMIT servers- WC are just not living in the real world. Get off you asses and fix the STUPID issue of 500 dinos per tribe make it a per player and increase the amount of tamable dinos. 70 slots - 2 players per tribe 500 dinos each = 17500 dinos whats the cap ? OH YEAH 5500, a bit of a difference I think