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  1. Building on oil veins is against cod and will get removed if reported - i built a box over 1 node on rag and it was remove by a moderator as it is against their cod.
  2. What were you thinking when you set the 50 Prime Meat Jerky for 1 Chibbi, Absolutely stupid 40 PMJ in a 24hr period - means it will take 30 hours to get 1 Chibbi - meaning people will need to make 100's and i mean 100's of preserving bins, causing more lag on servers. Not a good way people think before you set things like this up.
  3. MegaZ1


    SAP On the new map Crystal Isles where can Normal Sap be found ? - Broken trees in redwood cant be harvest.
  4. Yes but didnt say they added a few more did they
  5. Looks like all EU PVE servers are down
  6. Server 643 Genisis - 3 crashes since update in 20 mins all so when its up its laggy as hell - another broken patch
  7. NEW Patch 310.29 Genisis server 643 - Crashing every 5-10 mins and when up Server is lagging more than ever - more lagg time that actual play time - another Patch that has made things worse - unplayable currently. PLEASE fix the LAG issues thats all Many of us people want, we can live with the many many bugs just the lagg and constant crashing issues is killing the game.
  8. Has Wild Card EVER responded to the Crap servers and issues of LAGG and DISCONNECTS NO THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED
  9. dinos not transporting and disapearing with TP Hi people i like the new map but as it is it rearly not acceptable that you spend hours taming dinos and they get lost when using teleport. The whole point of the simulation is to transfer from one Zone to another, but half the time dinos wont transfer with you ( if you are mounted of not) does not seem to matter, so u need to TP back to the last zone you were at and get back to the point you TP from and some times dino is just sitting there, other times dino is gone, No death logs or anything just gone. This need to be fixed as the game only
  10. Why build on glitch's other players need to get it too - so if you block it you are stopping other from playing the game - Against TOS
  11. this usually happens when server is full so no slots available for you to join.
  12. It the same thing with all new maps they sell 500,000 copies of the game but only run enough server to host 5,000 people, Also was there a problem with the Asia servers with this new map, throwing more people on to the already over populated servers. If all areas where not ready for release then they should not have released it at all. or had a region lock added to the servers so people from non EU country's cant play on EU servers.
  13. and all you lot that brought the new dlc Genisis are to blame. ? They break stuff and dont respond why ? because they still getting your money from sale so why fix. Hit them where it hurts DONT BUY till they fix the stuff been broken since release.
  14. Transfers Hi having a problem with transfering to other servers - get up the list click the one i want and it just sits there - are they broken ? was working ok yesterday. Has Event broken it ? can anyone else confirm its broken or just my end thanks.
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