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  1. Hi, It is something new, since last patch. During a vein event, while Managarmr stand in the area of the vein, his range attack doesn't work at all. It seems that the accuracy is broken too.
  2. Hi, i have the same problem. It seems they are stuck in the rocks...so only solution is to have a restart of servers....
  3. hi all, is there a list with descriptions of all the types of official servers? i mean Pvp official, small tribes, Conquest, primitive etc.... and at least, for PS4. thanks.
  4. How can we use this command on PS4? I didn't found it...
  5. I tried it this week, no changes between inside the procoptodon and outside.... Same meat consumption, Imprint is 8 hours so babies become Juvenile and goes out... It is broken, or at least useless...
  6. thanks a lot. Some say that levelling your dinos before breeding increases the chance to get higher level when your baby borns...meaning more chance to take best stats from parents. What is your experience with that? is this just superstition?
  7. hi, i need the experienve of poeples who spent a lot if time in breeding. When i tamed a dino, do i need to go and gain xp with him before using him for breeding? is this increasing the chances to gain better stats or levels on the babies? same when it is a dino issued from breeding, do i need to go for levelling before using him for breeding? Thanks for your expetiences.
  8. not completely true, because on extinction, imprints on babies require now the new kibbles.
  9. From patchnote on PS4: "these tames are temporary and will starve to death after about 1 day (around 24 hours) once tamed. Titans tame time - reduced to 1~ day tame same server Health regen turned off after 1 hour post tame " If i understand correctly, they are not supposed to be permanent (1 day more or less). They are starving, can we feed them? There is a cooldown, preventing poeple to continuously tame the same titan. If i am right, so why on server, tribes have titans for weeks now?
  10. Hi, thanks for updates. But please give us the abilities to protect ourself from the Corrupted inside biomes. Not speaking from corrupted only, but from people bringing them on bases while offline. Some kind of protection like ORP that stop the corrupted.
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